15 most popular small business phone service providers

Can you hear me now? That phrase is one we all utter, most regularly from cellphones, but sometimes from landlines and VOIP phones. We’ve to maintain voicemail and text messaging. I need phone services to maintain my small business, not the other way around.

In this post, we highlight 22 phone services that small company owners would want to check out. Many of them save time, effort, money or a mix of those. Some say you can’t have all three, nevertheless, you can.

Listed below are 15 most popular small business phone service providers of the numerous features these services give growing companies: Voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP), Voicemail, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, Conference Calling, Web Conferencing, Call Following (no, not – stalking), Voicemail to Text/ Email, Voice Transcription & toll-free numbers.

  1. Grasshopper is best referred to as the professional, but very hip virtual phone services company. They produce videos which are heartwarming in some cases and LOL funny in others. No free trial offer, but a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plan starts at 9.95 dollars per month for the Pay as you Grow plan, then 24 dollars per month. 25 Dollars Activation fee.
    Feature I Like: Faxes emailed as PDFs.
  2. Ringcentral is a VOIP service targeted at small business. They feature unlimited phone and fax from your own existing phone or a RingCentral one. No free trial offer, but 30-day cash back guarantee. Plan starts at 49.99 Dollars per month with 1000 free toll free minutes. Feature I Like: Flexible answering rules to help you specify hours and days that benefit my company and employees.
  3. Yahoo! Voice resembles Skype or Google Voice. It’s pretty simple if you’re a Yahoo! User (or even if you’re not). Computer to computer calls are free; all others are low each and every minute rates. You can get several so that those not on Yahoo! Voice can call you. Feature I Like: Super fast site and rate checker so I don’t need to scroll through miles of country rates.
  4. 3Jam is definitely an up and coming VOIP provider. 2-way SMS or text messages from online to mobile and even email. Unlimited incoming text messages. 30 voicemail transcriptions a month. All the usual calling features. No trial offer, but you do not require it with plan startsing at 4.99Dollars/month, then each minute charges. Features that I Like includes: All of the SMS options. No other company has these. You can also manage groups of phone numbers.
  5. Onebox is an electronic telephone system with plenty of great features, but the thing that sticks out is their LIVE receptionist option. Many small companies wish to have an inexpensive selection for anyone to answer their calls with a personal touch; Onebox offers it. They have a 14-day trial offer, then plan starts at 49.95 Dollars/month for the telephone portion. Live receptionist option starts at 169.95Dollars/month.
  6. Phone.com is among the market leaders and keeps their site and offering well organized. No free trial, but plan starts at s9.88 Dollar/month. Feature I Like: Click to Call option with buttons for the web or email signature.
  7. Freedom 800 is an electronic phone system that gets the “cloud computing” future. Freedom 800 has a user friendly website with an instant number activation. They also have 15-days free trial offer, then plan starts at 9.95Dollars/month. Feature I Like:Availability Scheduling. I could specify the instances when I need calls forwarded, or not.
  8. Toktumi is shaking up the VOIP world. They have a feature-rich package. 30-day trial offer, then only 14.95Dollars/month. Feature I Like: Around 20 callers can join a meeting call and you may also record the call, all part of the monthly fee.
  9. Vonage might be as well referred to as Skype. Vonage is one of the most popular small business phone service providers being one of the many first VOIP providers that made it easy to get a virtual phone system going. First month free with a one-year agreement, then 25.99Dollars/month. However the contract is basically because they send you a telephone adapter that enables any touchtone phone to be utilized on their VOIP system. Feature I Like: SimulRing that’ll simultaneously ring 5 other phones to attain me.
  10. Kall8 is a powerful toll free number service that starts at s2.00Dollar/month, if you’re able to live having an 888 or 877 or 866 number. Then they only charge a per minute rate. With one of these rates, and no monthly minimums or contracts, you might easily make use of this service to tie a Google Adwords campaign to a contact number and permit you to track which ad performed best. They should have customers doing this because they discuss online campaign management. Feature I Like: the web tools for tracking.
  11. FreedomVoice is a virtual phone system which acts as an enterprise system, according for their site. They offer a 15-day free trial offer, then $9.95/month. Features I Like: Great blog. And I love the idea of getting my voicemails as MP3s (other services often get them to be into .WAV files or something that is proprietary (Skype).
  12. Google Voice. You simply can’t ignore Google. Google voice is one popular small business phone service providers for voice, messages, call routing, voicemail transcription, shipped to your inbox. It used to be invite-only, but inspire accessible to everyone. Feature I Liked: They’re making the service faster and on smart phones like Android and Blackberry. In addition, i liked that you can set a “Do Not Disturb” option and it will roll right to voicemail.
  13. Evoice does not want to shed a particular prospective customer – they offer a six-month free sample for their virtual phone number service. Several months free for any simple $12.95/month plan only. Beyond that amazing offer, they’ve got numerous features like voicemail to text, toll free numbers, music on hold, and call routing (follow me type stuff). Feature I Like: I can not get off that six month trial. What’s not to adore?
  14. American Voicemail offers many voicemail features, but can also include fax receiving and fax-to-email for $19.95 a month. No free trial. Feature I Liked: Automated Order Taking and Surveys: Asks your callers questions, one-by-one, and record their answers for an additional $9.95/mo. It includes 8 questions. Responses are shipped to you by email as a single voice message.
  15. Skype is the most popular small business phone service providers of voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) provider to the planet. Make the most of this specific service for my organization and love it. I spend about $70 each year for my business line, voicemail, and various features. It isn’t as feature rich as several of the others, but I ensure it is work. Feature I Like: Pamela for Skype, that is a free and premium add-on that lets me record calls or conferences. It lets you do more, but you will have to read about Pamela for Skype here. Oh, you will get Skype completely free if you are calling another Skype user.

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