3 Books That Changed My Life – Top Self Development Books

3 Books That Changed My Life – Top Self Development Books

Hello I’m Brian Tracy and let me tell
you about the 3 Books That Changed My Life – Top Self Development Books that have had such a great impact
on me the first one which I stumbled
across many many years ago was called
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill was a journalist and a
writer and he was called in to visit
with Andrew Carnegie one of the richest
most successful business magnets in the
world at that time and Andrew Carnegie
invited him in for this interview and he
wasn’t sure what is about, then
Carnegie said I want you to help me to
develop a philosophy of success I will
open the doors to the richest people
in America so that you can interview
them as many times as you need to.

Take all the best information from these
people and put it into a series of
books to help other young people to be
successful much faster and he said but
the challenge is this he said i’m not
going to pay you a penny I’d open all
the doors so that you can get all the
information to interview all these top
people but it won’t pay you a penny what
do you say ?

Hill had thought this man was going to hire him
and pay him an enormous amount of money
to do this writing he was shocked. Andrew Kearny pulled his watch out
from under the desk and he said you have only few
seconds to give me an answer. He thought about this and finally said okay I’ll do it and then
he then went on to open the door to every wealthy
person in America people, who had started
from nothing and become extraordinarily

What Napoleon Hill did is he
carried out the interviews and he found out that
there were principles to wealth. That wealthy
people had these unique qualities and behaviors.

He found that no one initially started off with these
qualities and behaviors. Hill found
that they were all learnable

Napoleon Hill later wrote some volumuminous books on success, which nobody would buy. He then wrote a
thousand-page book on success which
nobody would buy and then suddenly the
Depression hit and nobody would buy a
success book at all, so he took
a flyer to the publisher and they published
one small page book called think
grow rich which became the most
successful success book in the history
of the world.

I read it over and over
again as it has many of the wealthiest
people in America. So that’s the first book that changed my life.
That’s where you would start now.

The second book that changed my life would be my own book-
maximum achievement. My
maximum achievement was written for the
21st century. It shows you how to
completely change the way you think, how
to set goals in every area of your life,
how to dramatically take control of your
life in every area and eliminate the
negative emotions that hold people back.
It also shows you how to engage in
beautiful relationships with the most
important people in your life, how to
develop high levels of self-esteem and
self-confidence all the time.

This book is based on my
lifetime of study reading hundreds and
thousands of books and articles, putting
the material together into seminars and
training more than a million people
on these principles and then writing it into a
book and so maximum achievement and
think and grow rich are the right hand
and the left hand of success.

The 3rd book that changed my life.
Another book that I would recommend, that I have
always liked is the power of positive
thinking by norman vincent peale. I knew him and I worked
with them before he died he was a
minister and he came up with some very
very interesting ideas about – how the
more positive you think, the more energy
you have, the more grateful you are for
the things in your life, the more things
that you will have to be grateful for.


Just like I teach that people
you attract into your life is in harmony with your
dominant thoughts. so Norman Vincent
Peale via the power of positive
thinking has changed an entire
You know the last few decades
in America have been the wealthiest
decades of any country in history of man
on earth and it’s because these books
and other books like them have cascaded
like waves and the people who read the
books have become the movers and
shakers and the wealthiest people in our

So if you want to be like them
read think and grow rich, read my book maximum achievement, and finally read the power
positive thinking those books will
change your life.

I have spoken to thousands
of people who say literally they went
from rags to riches by reading any one
of those books. if you read all three
what a difference it will make thank you

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