Advantages of registering a company

Advantages of registering a company

The advantages of registering a company name is innumerable, spanning from to trust of clients to access to some facilities and privileges not easily made available to private individuals. Below are list of benefits why you should consider  registering your business now.

Certificate of incorporation

Read more on how to get certificate of incorporation.  one advantages of registering a company is that you will be issued with a certificate of incorperation by the Federal Government. Thus giving you a legal permit to operate in the country within the jurisdiction of the business described

Reputation before clients

Registering your business hypes your business reputation before your clientele network. You will agree with me that Customers will rather do business with registered businesses than dealing with individuals without corperate identity

Open a company bank account:

Since you now have a corperate identity and company name, you may proceed to open a company account for your new company. Opening a corperate bank account gives you more credibility and trust from you customers, suppliers and other potential partners.

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Limited liability company

What is limited liability company? Limited liability is a private company whose owners are legally responsible for its debts only to the extent of the amount of capital they invested. With this status you are a different entity from your business. If your company is unable to pay back a bank loan, the bank will be unable to seize your personal property . But only the company’s asset.


Getting bank loans

Once you register your business as a company, Getting bank loans becomes easier compared to when you try t access access the same facility as an individual. Your new status gives you added trust before your potential investors and bank.

Overseas business trip

one of the advantages of registering a company is that you can easily get visa and travel overseas for business purposes. All nations of the world will always welcome foreign investors who might be willing to do in their country because such investment will add to their country GDP.

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