Aircraft equipment maker business plan

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Executive Summary
Stretch ‘r Wings is a start-up company making medical interior equipment for aircraft operatorsand hospital flight programs. Stretch ‘r Wings will design thoughtful, complete, and cost-effective medical interior solutions and sub-contract some of the manufacturing.
Stretch ‘r Wings has identified and is working to complete four objectives that will assist themon their path to profitability. The first objective is to obtain Supplemental Type Certification(STC) approval from the FAA. The second objective is an initial prototype of the design. Next isthe need to secure parts manufacturer approval. Finally, there is the need to develop acomprehensive marketing plan and promotional campaign.
Stretch ‘r Wings will target aircraft operators and hospital flight programs in both the UnitedStates and international markets. Currently, these two segments have the highest marketpotential. Stretch ‘r Wings will reach these segments in several ways, including direct mailings,brochures, through a website and e-commerce, advertisements in trade publications, and ademo unit. The main segments that will be targeted are the US market as a whole,international markets, and the military. All three segments have a five percent growth rate. TheUS market has 800 potential customers, 300 for the international market, and 100 for themilitary market.
Stretch ‘r Wings will leverage their competitive edges, which are based on productinnovations/features and price competitiveness. The first edge is their use of an aluminumframe that creates a strong, light unit that is easily assembled. The next edge is a built instorage device, maximizing the precious available space. Lastly, Stretch ‘r Wings will employ aglide ease stretcher system making entry and exit as easy as possible. All Stretch ‘r Wings unitsare designed to be compact, efficient and safe.
Stretch ‘r Wings has assembled a strong management team to execute their solid plan. ** isthe product design master for Stretch ‘r Wings. He has a 20-year career in industrial designand recently has been concentrating his designs on medical applications due in part to the factthat his wife is a physician. **, the business mind of the company, complements our designmaster. ** will assume operations and strategic planning functions. He has spent the last 17years as the Vice President of operations of a $45 million bicycle manufacturer.
Stretch ‘r Wings will achieve profitability by the end of year one, with profits risingsteadily through year five. Sales for year two are conservatively pegged at $230,000, growingto $634,000 in year five. Stretch ‘r Wings is an exciting business that combines innovativedesigns for an unmet market need. It will be led by a seasoned management team.
**Names have been removed for confidentiality

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