Biscuits manufacturing process -Business plan

Biscuits manufacturing processBiscuits manufacturing process

Name of sector Profiled Food, Beverages and Tobacco

This business plan on how to start a biscuits production business in Nigeria, will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from biscuits production business. The cost of starting a biscuits production business in Nigeria, The cost of the different commercial biscuits production machine and equipment in Nigeria needed for the biscuits manufacturing. The packaging of the biscuits manufactured for shipment and sales. The feasibility report on biscuits manufacturing business in Nigeria are discussed in this biscuits manufacturing business plan template.

Biscuits manufacturing market analysis:

Biscuits remain a favorite for many people including children in Nigeria. Demand potential is great.

Biscuits manufacturing plant capacity:

The biscuit manufacturing plant is assumed to be 300 Tonnes annually

Biscuits manufacturing raw material:

Wheat flour, corn flour, Sugar liquid fructose, table salt, golden syrup, ammonium bicarbonate, cream, lecithin and broken biscuits are the raw materials.

Biscuits manufacturing process:

(1). Weighing of biscuits manufacturing raw materials at required quantity in the mixer

(2) Addition of sugar and water to taste and mixing to obtain a smooth paste.

(3) kneading and rolling on a flat plate.

Biscuits manufacturing process is almost same as the manufacturing process of bread to the fermentation stage. In some cases such as vanilla wafers biscuits , fermentation is not inclusive in the production process and therefore yeast is not required. Soda crackers biscuits are usually made using sponge Dtugh biscuits production process. The dough is then passed through biscuits production molding, biscuit production stamping and biscuits production cutting machines.

The cut pieces are then baked using oven such as band oven, steel mesh oven, reel oven, travelling plate oven etc.

The Biscuit baking process takes place at 200-260°C and consumes between 3 to 15 minutes. This duration however depends on the type & thickness of baked biscuit. The baked biscuits is then cooled & sorted. The damaged biscuits are removed from the rest and the good baked biscuit wrapped in waxed and packed for the market. A typical ingredient mix for plain biscuits is given below:

  • Flour                                                        200
  • Fats and shortening                                 50
  • Sugar                                                        62
  • Invert sugar syrup                                     20
  • Ammonium bicarbonate                          1.34
  • Sodium bicarbonate                                1.80
  • Non fat milk powder                                11
  • Eggs                                                         as required
  • Salt                                                           2
  • Yeast                                                     2.66
  • Flavour                                                  0.44
  • Edible colours                                        0.22

Biscuit manufacturing machinery and equipment:

The biscuit manufacturing machine includes These are weighing machine, Roller, Mixers flat plate and divers.

The biscuit manufacturing machine price and the biscuit manufacturing machine suppliers can be gotten from the biscuit manufacturing business plan

Financial Analysis:

Cost of Fixed Assets N’000
Plant and Machinery 500
Land and Building 70
Pre-investment expenses 80
Vehicles 250
Furniture 50
Contingencies 50
Working Capital
Raw Material 100
Salaries and wages 100
Overhead and utilities 50
Total Capital 1250
Estimated Turnover 4000
Operating Costs
Raw Material 500
Utilities- Power 50
– Fuel 50
– Water 50
Salaries and Wages
Manager (1) 300
Supervisor (2) 300
Skilled Worker (6) 200
Unskilled Worker (10) 200
Maintenance and Repairs 5
Overhead costs 25
Marketing Expenses 400
Depreciation 50
Interest on investment 250
Total operating cost 2380
Gross Margin 1620


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