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This business plan on brown sugar production in Nigeria, will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from brown sugar production business. The cost of starting a brown sugar production business in Nigeria, The brown sugar manufacturing process, The cost of the different brown sugar productioncommercial brown sugar production machine and equipment in Nigeria needed for the brown sugar manufacturing and the list of brown sugar machine manufacturers. The packaging of Brown sugar produced for shipment and sales. The feasibility report on how to make Brown sugar in Nigeria are discussed in this brown sugar production business plan template.

Sugar is manufactured from sugar cane. Sugar can contain water, soluble solids and fibre. Sugar is the major constituent of the soluble solids of sugar juice. Sugar is a worldwide sweetening agent and is primarily used in most homes as a sweetener in breakfast beverages (cocoa, coffee, tea, etc) pap, oat etc. On industrial level sugar is used in the manufacture of confectionery.

Brown sugar market analysis:

The market for sugar is quite large, and the present production level of the existing sugar manufacturing plants cannot meet up the local market for the product. The attractiveness of this venture is in the fact that there is no locally available substitute for sugar and the availability of the raw materials is the sugar cane which is abundant.

Brown sugar production Process:

  1. The sugar cane stalks are cut into small sizes using a milling machine.
  2. The cut stalks are fed between the corrugated rolls of the roller mill. The juice is extracted by the crushing action of the rolls. A jet of hot water is directed at the chips in the second set of rolls.
  3. The freshly expressed thinned juice is strained, warmed and pumped into the juice treatment tank.
  4. Clarification is carried out by chemical agents principally by lime or lime in combination with sulphur dioxide gas (lime sulphitation) in the treatment tank. The organic acids in the juice are neutralized by this process and the temperature is raised to 90oC.
  5. The juice is then discharged into crackling bells for first boiling where non-sugar precipitated.
  6. From the crackling bells the juice is pumped into settling tank.
  7. The heavy precipitated mud and other impurities settle down at the bottom of the tank. The clear juice is discharged from the valves of the settling tanks and flow by gravity to the boiling bells.
  8. The muddy juice from the bottom of the settling tank is discharged into the mud tank and forced into the filter press by means of a mud pulp. The filter juice also goes to the boiling bells while the mud cake is retained in the press.
  9. The clear juice is evaporated in open pans or under vacuum in multiple effect evaporators to concentrate the juice.
  10. The product at this state is poured into a U-shape vessel which is slowly rotated consciously and seeds sugar added to the rab.
  11. The rab is centrifuged to separate molasses from sugar.
  12. The sugar is dried in the dryer after washing. The first quality sugar obtained is bagged
  13. The process of crystallization, centrifuging and drying is repeated for the first molasses to obtain second quality sugar and final molasses which is bagged.

Brown sugar manufacturing machine and equipment:

Crushing, Raw juice tan, sulphitation tank, sulphur furnace, scrubber, lime tank, juice boiling bell, filter press, wet bagasse furnace cystallisers, molasses, receiving tanks, molasses boiling bells, molasses tank.

Brown sugar production raw materials:

Sugar cane is primarily the raw material needed for the manufacturing of brown sugar, The place where sugarcane are farmed includes the
tidal water areas, naturally water flooded places such as the Fadama area in the Northern Nigeria. These areas have a minimal rain fall of 1500mm during the growing season. However, in other sugar cane farming areas like the Bacita Sugar Company located in Kwara state, Savannah Sugar Company located in Numan, Adamawa state, rain is supplemented through irrigation to enhance production. Basically 40% of the sugar consumed in Nigeria are farmed in this places.
Sugar cane is also farmed in Giade, Jama’are, Xlingi and Warji local government areas of Bauchi state.

Brown sugar production business plan and feasibility studies

Brown sugar feasibility studies below has been put up to help you get basic ideas on how profitable brown sugar production business can be. However, more thorough research is necessary . You can also request for the brown sugar production business plan and feasibility studies


Land and building
Machinery & Equipment 250.00
Prelim.& pre-operational expenses 5.00
Contingencies 12.70

Working Capital (one mouth)

RENT 4.20


Raw Materials: Sugar 1,260
Cane420/MT at N3, 000
Utilities: 60.00
Salaries and wages: 132.00
Maintenance and Repair 25.00
Admin. & Marketing expenses 33.60
Overhead Cost 15.20
Rent 50.00
Depreciation 26.70
Interest 18.80
Turnover per annum
168/MT of brown sugar at N20, 000/T 3,360.00
Profit per year 1,738.70
Rate of Return on total Investment 442.5%
Rate of Return on Sales 51.70%
Break-Even-Point 26 %

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