Catfish farming business plan

Catfish farming Business

Catfish farming business otherwise called aqua culture is a form of land use whereby land unproductive for crop production is converted into ponds for the nurturing of selected fish to market weights and sizes. The impact of Catfish farming is yet to be felt in the Nigerian economy. One of the reasons for this low impact is inadequate information on the profitability and success of Catfish farming business. Low protein availability for the teeming population can be stemmed by investing in Catfish farming.

The products of this project is basically catfish. The recommended stocking density is 2 fingerlings per meter square of ponds.

Fingerlings can be nurtured for between 4 to 5 month into grow out or table size fish appropriate for sale and consumption. Going into catfish farming includes the following

Step One: Land For Catfish Farming

That is very significant. One has to purchase at minimum half plot of land in an appropriate location. This implies, you could take into account fine access road, closeness to market and labor. If the land is already out there, it’s nice. Then we apportion it as follows:

1. Location of ponds
2. Site for farm home
3. Location of water provision

4. Location of drainage amenity. The final point may be very important, as you don’t drain your water to cause public nuisance.Catfish farming Business

Step two: Catfish Pond Design Planning

  • It’s essential to decide whether or not you need to go into massive or small-scale industrial catfish farming. Secondly, the pond system to undertake, Re-circulatory system, earthen pond, concrete or plastic pond.
  • As soon as the pond is dug and developed, you may not be able to undo the work and recuperate the cost. So, intensive analysis should be carried out by somebody planning to commence a catfish farming, earlier before he decides whether or not to go ahead with the catfish business pond construction. it’s smart for him to pursue the actual kind of pond building project.
  • Development Considerations
  • Is the pond location strategically positioned? Does the location have sufficient provision of high quality water (from wells or springs)?
  • There are minimal water circulation rate requirement in constructing a pond for a catfish. Will the supply meet them? Make use of professionals to check whether or not the water provision quantity and circulation rate meets average requirement. Is the water provision appropriate for catfish farming? Attempt growing just a few catfish utilizing water taken from the target supply.
  • Is the location appropriate for pond development when it comes to soil composition and permeability? Best soil for pond development is one with fine compaction property. One useful resource you possibly can run to verify on that is your native soil. Catfish farming would require some water movement. Will you be qualified to acquire permits and other needed licenses for the catfish farming operation?

Step three: Water Supply Source For Catfish Farming

The choice water for catfish farming business is from borehole. One or two borehole should be sunk to ensure regular water provision. Overhead tanks for storing water ought to be constructed. The mechanism of pumping of water should not fail.

Step four: Pond Development

Before you decide to construct pond for your Catfish farming business, It’s advisable to engage the service of a catfish farm consultants. The success or failure of this mission relies upon largely on development of average ponds that may stand the test of time.

Catfish farm equipment

Catfish farming business equipment includes : Plastic washing tanks, measuring scale, working table, packaging materials, rearing tanks, oxygenator, fish feed, hatching trough and deep freezer.

Catfish business plan and feasibility studies

Catfish farming equipment 280,000
Land and building 25,000
Pre-Investment Cost 15,000
Working capital 32,000
Total Cost 352,500


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