CPA Marketing Simplified

It’s almost like a bad joke:  
Question:  “What did the CPA marketer earn?” Answer:  “Two dollars and thirty-seven cents.” Question: “What did the CPA marketer spend to get it?” Answer: “Five hundred and fifty dollars.” It’s happened this way, more than people like to admit – but it doesn’t have to be this way. The most common causes of CPA disappointment are:
 Insufficient market research  Failure to track daily expenses  Lack of basic business knowledge
If you’re shuddering because you’re afraid this would be you, well, that’s what this report is here to do – help you avoid heartbreaking CPA mistakes, and experience genuine, solid CPA success!

“Will I Be Rich?”
Let’s get something out the way, straight away: Unless you’re a marketing genius with incredible intuition, you are not likely to become a millionaire within weeks or perhaps even months off CPA marketing alone.  It’s rather like niche blogging: You will need to run multiple CPA pages in order to letthe small amount of positive income each incurs add up to a nice little sum at the end of the month.

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