Egg powder production business plan

Egg powder production business planEgg powder production business

Name of Sector Profiled Food and Beverages
Major Products/Bye Products Dried Egg Powder

Egg powder production business market Analysis:

High demand. Has high nutritive content for the family, and reduces risk of carrying raw eggs because of their fragility.

Why Egg Powder production business

  • Egg powder production business will save poultry farmers huge loss.
  • Egg powder is rich in amino acid, vitamins and mineral substance including protein. Egg yolk and white components are easily digested and has high biological value
  • Due to the difficulties involved in transporting eggs chances of breakage of the eggs during the cause of transportation is higher and costly. Egg powder is very easy to transport and no fear of breakage.
  • It is easy to store egg powders. You do not need a refrigerator, you just need to store it in a dry place.
  • Egg powder has long shelf life and can last as long as 10 years if well sealed
  1. Project Engineering Plant Capacity:

Egg powder recipes

Quantity 480,000 eggs
Quality High quality of agricultural eggs.
Costs (N per unit of Measurement) 3months N7,2000,000
Sources (local/imported) local

Egg powder manufacturing process:

We all know that poultry eggs are very delicate and breaks very easily, Its so serious that even temperature can affect egg preservation. Eggs can not also be kept for a long time. Egg powder production business has the following production process:

  • The egg is broken in batches and separated from the shell
  • Then pasteurized the egg to stop or reduce growth of bacterial. In this process the yolk is boiled at 140 digrees for 6 to 15 minutes depending on the egg powder quality we intend to get.
  • The egg pulp is spray dried to get dried powder. The egg spray drier consist of a egg feed unit, an egg atomizer that distributes the egg feeds into droplets and blows out hot dry air.The dry hot air is sent to the drying chamber through a highly pressurized tunnel. The Hot air is produced using air heaters.

So the combination of the egg feed, atomizer and hot air chamber makes possible the powdered egg manufacturing

Egg Powder Production Machine and Equipment:

The machine for making egg powder includes:

  1. Eggs Breaking and Separating Machine: is used to break eggs and then separate egg yolk from egg-white automatically.
    Eggs Breaking Processing Line: is a whole automatic egg processing line with the following process:
  2. Eggs Feeding→ Eggs Washing and Drying→ Eggs Candling→ Egg Breaking &Separating→ Eggs Filter.
  3. Egg powder making machine – Spray drye

The cost of egg powder plant: N15,000,000

Sources (local/imported): Local and imported


Spare Parts Requirement:


Cost: N450,000

Sources (local/imported): Local and imported

Labour/Manpower Requirements:

Number of people required: 28

Types (skilled/unskilled): Skilled/unskilled

Sources (within/outside): within/outside

Training Needs:



Both In-plant/ out-plant

Electricity: Power and fuel N600,000
Water: N150,000
Other Facilities:
1.0 Preliminary Financial Analysis:
Cost of Fixed Assets N18,240,000
Working Capital N7,839,000
Total Capital N5,879,000
Estimated Turnover 9,150MT @ N5,000 per kg N45,750,000
Operating Costs N39,770,000
Gross Margin 15.04%

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