For Women: 5 romantic ways to surprise your partner

5 beautiful ways to surprise your partner

Do any of the 5 things listed on this article and watch in satisfaction as a contented smile lights up your boo’s face everytime.

Let’s bounce right into it.

In what lovely methods are you able to surprise your partner and have his thoughts melting with extra love for you?

The checklist could be seemingly countless depending on the persona of the partners and the far the relationship has gone or not.

Regardless of the case, these 5 concepts hardly ever ever fail to surprise guys and earn their partners additional love-points.

Unplanned dates

A random phone-call to him while he is at work, telling him to meet-up with you someplace at some specific time.

When he comes over, spoil him foolishly.

When he asks what the event is, let him know it’s nothing, you simply wished to surprise him.

Now watch that completely satisfied smile mild up his face.

Order him lunch randomly

Do this essentially on the most unexpected days, and catch him off guard. The surprise factor itself will satisfy him exactly like the meal it self.

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Love notes

drop a surprising love note for him in-the most hidden locations, like in his suite pocket, under his pillow, wrapped inside a new shirt you bought for him.

The purpose is to surprise him, even when he doesn’t get to see the notes instantly, he absolutely will.

Act out his fantasy [ies]

If he’s told you about his wildest sexual fantasy and you haven’t any problem with that, why not do it.

during one of your most intimate moments, act out the fantasy he said he loves. The promise factor will make it extra enjoyable for each of you.

And naturally, there’s an additional thrill for you – you stunned your companion with one thing that made him completely satisfied.

Leave him a treasure hunt

in-plant a papers with directions at a number of areas in-the home or  house.

You need to make the treasure hunt in such a way that the hunt leads him to locate his favorite meal, his favorite chocolate bar or it might result in you ready for him in-the bed room in some unusual sexual position

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