Frozen yogurt business plan

Frozen yogurt business plan

Frozen yogurt business planThis free Frozen yogurt business plan template will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from Frozen yogurt business. The cost and source of quality Frozen yogurt producing machine and equipment needed for the commercial production of frozen yogurt. The packaging of the finished product and the feasibility report on Frozen yogurt business are discussed in this Frozen yogurt business plan template.

Apart from tinned milk, the only other way milk is sold in Nigeria is fried milk.

However, full cream pasteurized milk can be produced and made into yoghurt.

Market analysis of Frozen yogurt business plan

In high demand mostly among children at school parks and homes.

Raw Materials for frozen yogurt business

Skimmed milk

Butter oil


Production Process of Frozen yogurt

Skimmed milk powder is diluted in water which has been purified and fittered. The butter oil is then mixed with the milk, after which homogenization and pasteurization is carried out. At the end of the production the pasteurized milk is cooked and some additives to sour taste.

Plant And Machinery Requirement for Frozen yogurt business

  1. Water purification and treatment equipment
  1. Electricity/generating set
  1. Tank for dissolving milk, powder
  1. Packetting machine
  1. Cold chamber.

INVESTMENT COST of Frozen yogurt business plan

Plant & machinery N800, 000.00
Land and Building (Rent) N50, 000.00
Pre-investment cost N50, 000.00
Total cost N900, 000.00


Salaries and wages N500, 000.00
Raw materials N200, 000.00
Utilities N100, 000.00
N800, 000.00
Total N1, 700,000.00
Estimated turnover 2, 000.000.00



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