Garri processing business plan

Garri processing business plan

This free Garri processing business plan template will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from garri manufacturing business. The cost and source of quality garri processing machine and equipment needed for the commercial processing of garri. The packaging of the finished product and the feasibility report on garri making business are discussed in this garri business plan template.

Market Analysis for garri processing business

Garri processing business planThe raw material for the production of garri is cassava tuber. It is found abundantly in Akurba town in Lafia local government area of Nasarawa State.

Garri is one of the most popular staple foods in Nigeria. Presently, Nigeria is one of the largest producer of cassava. So, regular supply of raw material for the production of garri can be ascertained. Since garri is eaten by nearly all the ethnic groups in the country, investment in the processing industry will be a profitable venture and the employment opportunity is assured.

Project Engineering of garri processing business

Plant Capacity: 1095 tonnes/annum

Raw Materials Requirements for garri processing: Cassava

Quantity Commercial 12,000/MT
Quality Good
Cost (3 months) 12,000 M/tonne 120,000
@ N100/MT
Source: Local

Production Process for garri manufacturing business

The production process of garri includes tuber peeling, cleaning, grating of tubers and tuber fermentation for a few days. This fermentation stage is essential as it facilitates the chemical break down of the poisonous organic acid content which is eliminated at the de-watering stage, in the squeezing press.

The de-watered cassava from the press is sieved at regulated temperature and moisture content to obtain good quality products. The fried garri may then be milled and sieved into fine and coarse garri type before packaging into bags for sale.

Machinery and Equipment for garri processing business:

These are grater, fermentation tank, squeezing press, drier and sieve.

Cost = N75, 000

Source: Local

Labour/Manpower Requirement for garri processing business

Number of People Required: 34

S/No. Category Number Required N’000
1 Manager 1 200,000
2 Supervisor 1 144,000
3 Accountant 1 200,000
4 Skilled workers 10 976,000
5 Unskilled worker 20 1,440,000
Total 33 2,960,000

Source: Local

Training Needs:

In-plant = Yes

Out-plant =Yes

Both = Yes

1 Water 200,000
2 Fuel (Firewood) 150,000
3 Power 100,000
Total 450,000
Other facilities
Telephone, transport

Preliminary Financial Analysis 

for garri processing business

Cost of Fixed Assets (Investment) N’000
1 Land and Building (Rent) 6,000
2 Plant & Machinery 75,000
3 Pre-Investment Expenses 5,000
4 Working capital 30,000


Total 116,000
Raw materials 120,000
Overhead and Utilities 90,000
Total Investment Cost 3,286,000
Estimated Turnover
N ’000
12,000 M/tonne at N100/MT 120,000
Operating cost
2.5% of proceeding cost of production
Gross margin (%) 39.0%


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