Just this night I battled with several hack attempts on one of my google account. The main intent of the hacker was to have access to my adsense account which I just got few days ago.

See the login attempts below:


I have 2 way verification method, my email and phone number. I got the security alert that my password has just been changed by an unknown person.

I was so lucky to have been online at the moment, so I changed the password again using recovery method

Few seconds later he changed it again… This went on and on for close to an hour

Finally I saw a back door were he used to enter into my account even with my 2 way verification method intact.

That back door was through one of the authorised devices.

What I did

  1. I quickly logged in with the new login details, click
  2. Clicked
  3. Clicked “your devices”
  4. Clicked Don’t recognize a device?
  5. Clicked change password from the popup window
  6. I changed my password and finally all devices that the hacker used to have access to the account got disconected

login attempts in gmail



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