Home made cockroach insecticide with just cucumber

Home made cockroach insecticide with just cucumber

Drive away cockroaches forever from your home using just a cucumber. Making a homemade poison for cockroaches is an option for people who do not feel a special devotion to chemicals and some of them contained agents that can be harmful to the health of both humans and pets.

Do you also include yourself within that group of people who bet on using the natural ingredients for pet control? in that case there is no doubt that you will like to know this recipe that explains how you can make a homemade cockroach poison that although it will not kill these bugs it will keep them away from your house.

Insects, besides giving much-discussed are considered carriers of diseases. Do not let them invade your home

Ingredients for home made cockroach insecticide

  1. A cucumber
  2. A glass of water

Preparation of home made cockroach insecticide

Get cucumber and cut into several pieces you do not have to take the skin off,
Pour the pieces of this cocumber into the blender
add a glass of water and liquefy the ingredients until a cucumber juice comes to life once this is done
fill the bucket of the water mop
add the cucumber juice and scrub the
floor of your house with this liquid

in addition to acting as an excellent natural cleanser, cucumber will help you ward off cockroaches because they hate
the aroma of this vegetable.

Although this is not a homemade cockroach poison that will end the life of these insects cucumber water will be
very useful because it will prevent them from being burned and decompossed in the corners of your home.

You can practice this natural trick whenever you want although we advise you to use it at least once a week if your mission is to keep the cockroaches as far away as possible from your home

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