how to advertise on facebook with your naira mastercard and paypal

Late this year 2017, advertisement online in Nigeria has been a difficult one especially advertisement on Facebook and advertisement on google. Almost all Nigerian banks had blocked the use of their debit cards for most forms of foreign transaction like adwords, Facebook advert in Nigeria, Nigerian’s payment for google play store. This is due to the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).gtbank

Personally, I was unable to advertise online, including payment for facebook adverts using my Gtbank naira master card or any other Nigerian master card.

The idea of putting business on facebook, can not be over emphasized,

why advertise online

  • Online advertising programs is Tageted
    when advertising online, you may have the power to focus on a inhabitants as particular as “males, age 18-35 and extra.
  • Online advertisement is Creative
    Utilizing flash and in-banner video adverts can improve brand recognition and spotlight your market competitive edge
  • Advertising online creates Brand Awareness
    Online advertising can be utilized to drive visitors to your website and create brand consciousness
  • Online advertising is Cost Effective
    online advertising programs are extremely price effective for entrepreneurs. Charges are sometimes set by means of a combination of advert size, advert location, efficiency, and demand
  • Online Advertising Programs Creates Huge Clients Engagement
    online advertising programs lets you understand a buyer’s precise stage of engagement. You might have circulation and readership knowledge for a print publication, however you possibly can’ not understand how much time prospects spent interacting along with your advert, how a lot time they spent in your web site, in the event that they researched extra of your merchandise, and whether or not that advert led to conversions. A web based presence provides you all of this useful knowledge and places you in a stand to study the place your most engaged prospects reside.

Considering all this benefits of putting business on facebook and advertising online, Nigerian banks can not afford to stop us from benefiting from this awesome advertage so below strategy will give you a work arround on how to still pay for facebook advert

Note: if you have tried invain trying to make payment for facebook advert and its not working please use this method.


  1. To pay for facebook advert using paypal in Nigeria, login into your paypal account
  2. Click at the top of the paypal account that you want to use to pay for goods and services after that it will ask you the email you are sending
  3. Enter any e-mail that’s not of this PayPal you’re utilizing otherwise you can use your second e-mail, click on next
  4. Set the amount of mony you need to pay. simply type 1
  5. In that same web page set the currency to USD and click on next
  6. Now you should see the web page that question you that you’re sending 1USD to the e-mail you entered

At this stage do not click on next in order that you’ll not pay that e-mail recipient. simply logout from your PayPal which implies you’ve set your PayPal to pay in USDollar and never naira so that your financial institution will decide the exchange rate out of your naira account so you can pay via PayPal.

You can now go ahead and pay your Facebook advert .

This method works for people who link their naira master card with paypal

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