How to create a youtube channel

How to create a youtube channel

Create a new youtube channel

How to create a youtube channel.  With a Google Account, you’ll be able to watch and like movies and subscribe to channels. Nevertheless, with no YouTube channel, you don’t have any public presence on YouTube and you can not upload your own videos on youtube. Even when you have a Google Account, you want to create a YouTube channel to add movies, remark, or make playlists. You need to use a pc or the YouTube mobile website to create a fresh channel.

This brief tutorials will show you how to create a youtube channel and make money from the videos on the youtube channel you have created.
It is not a new thing that so many people ow make money on youtube, but the problem is how to setup a youtube channel, how to upload videos to a youtube channel, how to create keywords that will rank the video on top youtube search and finally how to drive traffic to the youtube account.

To make money from a youtube channel, the youtube channel must be link to a youtube adsense account. So you finally get paid for the number traffic generated by your uploaded video or ads clicks on the videos.


You may be wondering if truely we have different types of youtube channel. Yes we do. Below are the types of youtube channel we have:
1. Personal youtube channel
2. Youtube channel for business
In this article you will learn how to create youtube channel for business and how to create a personal youtube channel

Create a personal youtube channel

Trail these guidelines to create a channel that solely you possibly can handle utilizing your Google Account. 

  1. Sign up to YouTube on a pc or utilizing the mobile website.
  2. Attempt any motion that requires a channel, similar to uploading a new video, posting a remark, or creating a playlist.
  3. Should you not have a youtube channel, you will see a timely to create a channel.
  4. Examine the main points (along with your Google Account title and picture) and ensure to create your new youtube channel.

Create a youtube channel for business or different name

Trail these guidelines to create a youtube channel that may have a number of managers or account owners. 

You should utilize a Brand Account to create a youtube channel that has a distinct name but that is nonetheless managed out of your Google Account. Study more on youtube Brand Accounts.

  1. Sign up to YouTube on a pc or utilizing the mobile website.
  2. Go to your channel listing.
  3. Select to create a new youtube channel or use a current Brand youtube Account:
    • Create a new youtube channel by chosing Create a new channel.
    • Create a YouTube channel for a Brand Account that you simply already manage by selecting the Brand youtube Account from the listing. If this Brand youtebeAccount already has a channel, you’ll be able to create a fresh one—you will simply be turned over to that channel if you choose the Brand youtube Account from the listing.
  4. Load out the main points to name your new youtube channel and confirm your account. Then, click on Done. This creates a fresh Brand youtube Account.

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