How to get a million dollar idea

imagesYou will agree with me that a person may have money but have no idea were to invest the money. Also a person may have an idea but have no knowledge how to get needed funds to get the business off the ground. This topic will help you with 10 strategy on how to get a million dollar business idea

  1. People are opportunities: Opportunities do not fall from the sky, they are inbound, within your locality, within your country, within your state or village. The best way to get a million dollars idea using this strategy is to consciously look into the needs of the populace. Find a need a fulfil.
  2. Locate a Sectoral problem: Another best way to generate a million dollar ideas is to find a generic problem associated with a specific sector.

Having solution to single sectoral can make you a millionaire. if you serve a single man (if you have the solution to a single man problem e.g your boss in the office) you are limited to one source of income. If any thing happens to your source (your boss) then you go poor. But if you have the solution to a pressing problem of a sector e.g educational sector, political, sport, entertainment etc. You are not limited to one source of income. If Mr “A” goes bankrupt or dies, a million more are waiting to pay you for your service.

  1. Plan the solution to the sectoral problems Get a business plan, get training for the particular business solution, read more books about it, attend seminars and workshop concerning the particular business idea, find a synerge partner with a better understanding or the business, locate an angel investor that may be interested in your ideas

Types of sectors and example of its sectoral problems These sectors are groups known to do similar type of job, similar type of approach and attitude to events and order of things

  1. EDUCATIONAL SECTOR – nursary school sector, higher school sector, universities

Educational sectoral problem/needs and opportunities:

  • Need for establishement of learning institution
  • Need for vocational studies and skills acquisation centres
  • School uniforms
  • Text books and printings
  • School management system and softwares
  • Time management system
  • Auto result computation systm and online publishing
  • School fees payment and management system
  • Seasonal Book Sales
  • Set up Cyber cafés Business in the Higher Institutions
  • Producing Educational Audios and Videos
  • Campus Newspaper, Scholarship Consultancy
  • Internet for Schools, School Chalk Production
  • Recruitment Agency
  • Building of student hostels for renting



Sport sectoral problem/needs and opportunities:

  • Become a sports mentor and coach
  • Start a sports enrollment office
  • Publish your own particular sports magazine
  • Establish a nearby club
  • Open a sports institute
  • Import or Manufacture sports wears
  • Start a sports wears retail shop or boutique
  • Manufacture/Wholesale or Retail Sports Equipment
  • Start a betting shop
  • Run your own particular sports TV show
  • Establish a sports promoting organization
  • Start a sports viewing centre


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