How to make beans flour – The business plan

How to make beans flour – The business plan

Name of Sector Profile Food, Beverage and Tobacco
Major Product beans flour for making moi moi and akara.

This business plan on how to make beans flour in Nigeria, will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from beans flour production how to make beans flourbusiness. The cost of starting a beans flour production business in Nigeria, The cost of the different commercial beans flour production machine and equipment in Nigeria needed for the beans flour manufacturing and the list of beans flour machine manufacturers. The packaging of the beans flour produced for shipment and sales. The feasibility report on how to make beans flour in Nigeria are discussed in this beans flour production business plan template.

Beans flour production market Analysis

Demand and Supply:

Beans is a very popular food crop in Nigeria. It is rich in protein. Although beans is indigenous to the northern part of the country, it is now readily available in most part of the country. It can be converted to bean flour for onward processing to moi moi and akara. Since this product is available in large quantity locally, its market potential is very attractive. Prospective investors are therefore encouraged to venture into the sector.

Raw Material for beans flour production 

The major and only raw material for beans flour production is beans seed.

Source of beans seed: Local: (Benue, Plateau, Kogi, and Kwara States of Nigeria).

Quantity Annually in commercial quantity.
Quality Good
Cost N 50,000.00


Beans flour production Process:

Beans flour production process is quite simple. Beans is first separated from stones and chaff. It is then soaked to remove the seed coat. After this it is separated from the seed coat, dried and milled into powder then bagged for sale.

Beans flour processing machine and Equipment:

Beans cracking machine, blower, drier and milling machine.

Cost and price of beans flour production machine: N1,125,000

Plant Capacity: 350MT/Annum

Spare Parts Requirement

Locally available.

Cost: Not determined

Location for beans flour production business

Intending to start beans flour production business in Nigeria? Then you have to consider availability and accessibility to raw materials, Nearness to the target market, Availability of primary infrastructure like good road network and electricity to reduce the cost of your power consumption. Finally you need to study the demographics if they buy into your product idea or not, are your product women targeted or student and youth targeted? study the age, sex and pre-occupation of the residence within your intended location to ensure its best for your product project.

Labour Manpower Requirement for beans flour production process:

Number of people – 16

Category N
1 Production Manager 1 85,000.00
2 Supervisor 2 150,000.00
3 Skilled Workers 3 240,000.00
4 Unskilled Workers 4 650,000.00
Total N 1,848,000.00


Skilled – 4

Unskilled – 9

Source: -Local

Training Needs:

In-plant – Yes

Out-plant – Yes

Both – Yes


Water 40,000.00
Fuel 80,000.00
Electricity 100,000.00
Total 220,000.00
Other Facilities
Telecommunication 50,000.00
Transport 70,000.00
Total 120,000.00

Preliminary Financial Analysis

1 Cost of land and Building (rent) 50,000.00
2 Machinery and Equipment 1,125,000.00
3 Utilities 220,000.00
4 Preliminary and Pre-operational expenses
5 Contingencies
Total 1,395,000.00
Estimated Turnover N 25,000.00
Operating cost
0.75% of preceding cost N 15,000.00
Break-even point (%) 12%


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