How To Make Cash With Adsense in 2018- AUTOPILOT METHOD

How To Make Money With Adsense in 2018 – AUTOPILOT METHOD

how-to-make-money-with-adsense-2018-1This adsense autopilot method uses Free Traffic
You will not need to create contents
The adsense 2018 method works On Complete Autopilot basis, Set and Forget

I had a long chat with my partners if to publish this or not
I even thought of selling this adsense method idea for some dollars
am not kidding.
This method is already making money for lots of people including me, but you still have a chance to make meaningful income with this adsense 2018 method from the big G

Setting up a website

We earlier said that you will not really need to create content

Your articles will be gotten from other websites of your choice and automatically imported into your website 24 hours
Your content will be added on complete autopilot 24/7 using an autoblogging plugin.

Ok, so if you have worked with Adsense, you probably already have experience setting up a WordPress blog.

Now that you have gotten a website – wordpress. It is now time to set it up.

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar
It’s a very simple plugin for add to social share buttons on your site and you can publish buttons floating sidebar. Even you can edit share buttons if you wish

CyberSyn is powerful, lightweight and easy to use Atom/RSS aggregation anfd content curation plugin for WordPress.

Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And After Post & Page Content
Pin Your WordPress Blog Posts Pages Images With Pinterest
Post Links Disabler
This plugin will disable all links from post. Just install and activate. Thats simple huh ?

Real-Time Find and Replace
Set up find and replace rules that are executed AFTER a page is generated by WordPress, but BEFORE it is sent to a user’s browser. There is a pro version available (less than $10) with additional filters.

Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget
Widget to add some of the most popular follow me social buttons. Retina ready.

Most of them are straight forward and easy to setup.

Inputting  articles into your website on autopilot.

CyberSyn plugin is the plugin you will need to use.

CyberSyn is a free wordpress plugin which can be downloaded from the wordpress plugin directory
In case you don’t know how to find it, simply go to Plugins > Add New on your dashboard and search for CyberSyn.

Find it, install it and activate the plugin
open the plugin after activation, click n RSS/ Atom Syndicato, then click the “Alter Default Settings”

Then setup these settings as shown below:

Impressive, You are now ready to add some RSS feeds.

How to Find RSS for a website?

Finding rss for a website you intend to use is simple.

open the website, right click on the website and click “view page source”

the html source of the website is outputted. Simple click CTR + F and search for the keyword “rss” or “feed”

Getting traffic

You can set your share your post on autorun also to different social media platfums like facebook, twitter  etc.

How to set your social media traffic on autorun

You can automatically share your autorun post to all major social media platforms on autorun also

Go ahead and create an account in IFTTT .

Before creating an account with IFTTT ensure to have a working account on the social media platforms you wish to use. log into the social media account. Login into IFTTT, connect and authorize your social media accounts to IFTTT.

Connecting your accounts to IFTTT.

It’s very easy to use ifttt..

Simply click on your profile and hit on “New Applet”.

Then click “If This” and search for WordPress.

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With this adsense autopilot method, you can set and forget

the method scrapes most recent articles from your chosen websites into your website
this can be done using the cron job or manually

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