How to make money online in Nigeria

How to make money online in Nigeria.

How to make money online in Nigeria: Today I would be sharing with you different online business in Nigeria of which you can make over 150,000 naira from monthly into your Nigerian bank account. Many folks are not aware how easy it has become to make money online in Nigeria following the recent trend in the internet business globally.

The best way how to make money online in Nigeria is to learn from the experts. That’s what this post is about. in this post you will learn latest online money making opportunities. How to make money Blogging in Nigeria, Affiliate marketing, Information Marketing, google adsense

How to make money online in Nigeria with Bulk SMS

I had previously thought thousands of Nigerian youths between 2006 – 2012 Bulk SMS business using my former website ( later sold off) and finally The bulk sms business was a boom then because only very few people were in the sms marketing business then. I personnaly was making over 3million naira turnover and profit margin of 500k monthly. However, the sms business has known a downlturn over the years due to so many competitors in the field and the introduction of the mtn DND. READ MORE…

In 2009 I learnt webdesign professionally and had since then been making huge income designing websites for clients. The webdesign business is a lucrative e-business in Nigeria that can earn you a steady income for life. You can design websites for government parastatals,schools, NGO’s, clubs etc.
Webdesign business in Nigeria, is another online business that has brought in huge foreign earnings into Nigeria.
You can get steady income in this area of online business in Nigeria by simply following the steps below:

How to start web desiging business in Nigeria

  1.  Learn the skills of webdesign in Nigeria. You can easily do this without the long stress of learning coding and other programming language. Simply learn wordpress or joomla. This are easy way out. With wordpress which i prefer the most, you can design any form of website including ecommerce sites like konga and more complex sites. To learn get our free resource on web designing
  2.  Register your webdesigning company with the coorperate affairs commission and obtain necessary licences. Please dont forget to register with EFCC.
  3.  Obtain a coorperate bank account from which you can now use to transact business officially with your company name.
  4.  Design your company website. It necessary you design your webdesign company’s website. With this website you can promote all webdesign jobs you have done and their testimonies. You may wonder why. But this is your online portfolio that you can always refer potential clients to, so that they can see the efficiency of your designs and other details you may not have been able to cover in your sales letter.
    With the company website you can easily advertise your service and put a link back your your site.
  5. Register on Now that you are ready to start taking jobs, i would recommend you register on and start bidding for webdesign jobs you can do.
  6. Write a webdesign sales letter and hit the street, marketing your new service. LEARN MORE…
  • How to make money online in Nigeria Blogging.

I was formally introduced to blogging in 2009, since then I have been blogging on business ideas, though it may not be on a full time base. But i would love to tell that blogging is another sure way to make money online in nigeria. What is blogging? Blogging is an informal way of expressing your self online about what you feel about a subject matter.
So you can discusss soccer in your blog, you can discuss business (like me) you can discuss relationshsip, technology, celebrities (like Linda Ikeji) etc.

How to make money online with your blog

You can make money online in Nigeria with your blog in the following ways:

a. Accepting adverts on your blogs from Ad Networks
b. Sponsored Content
c. Job Boards
d. Affiliate marketing
e. Selling ebooks , softwares, reports, apps
b. Hosting trainings for other upcoming bloggers


What is google adsense? AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

How to make money online in nigeria with google adsense

My google adsense accunt had long been approved since 2009 but I had not discovered the tricks in making tangible amount with adsense until 2015. When a friend at Owerri showed me the secrete to earning good income from this online businesses in nigeria. I now make average of $10 a day amounting to about 300USD monthly, the income is still growing.
Google adsense is one way on how to make money online in nigeria fast. Now that you have owned your website or blog, google adsense is one way to monetize your web traffic by simlpy intergrating adsense ads code on your blog or website. LEARN MORE…

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