How to start a business in canada – Step by Step

How to start a business in canada - Step by Step

How to start a business in Canada – Step by Step

Dreaming about starting your own
business? got a brilliant idea and you
just know it could work well, you’re not
alone, many Canadians like you have their
own business dreams so turn your dream
into reality.
it’s time to get started this video is about the four steps you
need to start a business in Canada.

Here’s a simple example let’s
say you have a dream to start your own
business doing what you love designing
fun play rooms for kids and let’s say
you want to keep it simple for now no
employees no fancy office just you
meeting with clients at your kitchen
table sounds pretty simple, but what do
you need to go from a drawing to a solid
business plan to an official business?

A good business plan is critical a
realistic look at your market, your
customers, your goals current and
future it should map out what success
means for your business.

Steps to starting a new business in Canada

Details of the next steps are different
in each province or territory, so you
need to find out how it works where you
want to operate your business.

A typical new business in Canada starts with these
four steps:

1. Legal forms of business in canada

The most basic first step for
every new business in Canada is to
choose a legal ownership structure.
legal requirements for starting a business in canada
For example you may have trouble
choosing between sole proprietorship and
incorporation which is setting up a separate
legal entity, this decision is very
important so visit Canada business GCC which is a
for useful information hub to help you

2. Naming your business in Canada

Decide on a name. What are you going to call your business ?
you could choose to work under your own
full name and if you’re a sole
proprietor you may be able to do that
with no business license but if you want
to use a unique business name, you’ll
need to apply for a business license.

3. Business license in canada

step three involves getting a business
license, Business license is the document that allows your
business to operate in a specific province territory or city

4. Registering a business in canada

Step four is registering your business
which is different from getting a
business license. Registration is about
getting a business number to communicate
with government and about setting up
your taxes.

So those are the basics four
steps that will get your business

Decide on your legal structure
and business name, then look into
business licensing and registration and
there you have it you’re on your way
need more information please check
online or call toll free
to speak to a candidate business
network specialist in your area for more on this topic and
start your business Canada

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