How to Start a Rice Mill Business | How to set up a rice mill in Nigeria

rice-millThe Rice Mill BUSINESS PLAN is a complete business master plan that can help you with all of the wanted concepts and plans to start out a prosperous Rice Mill manufacturing business firm and in elevating capital from a financial institution or different traders in your unused bathroom paper firm.

Benefits of This Rice mill firm Plan:

The firm Plan is absolutely Up to date with present analysis on Rice manufacturing processes
One outstanding dominance of the business master plan is that the sort of Rice Mill is a mixed rice mill.  
So in abstract the Rice Mill business master plan reveals you: 
Tips on how to start out Rice manufacturing, how parboiled rice is produced, it takes you into different rice planting machines and extra.
The Rice Mill business master plan will present you information on the location to get choice rice mill plant producer and purchase rice plant or rice milling machine ( both high quality fabricated or overseas imported rice milling machines) in your manufacturing
The rice mill business firm information will present you the rice milling processes and learn how to bundle your produced rice for the market


Rice Mill Plant

Rice is a mandatory meals for the inhabitants of Nigeria. Nigeria is a immense market with a broadening middle-income group in addition to a boosting number of double-income homes. It holds incredible conceivable for the packaged rice part.

Nigeria is without doubt one of the highest shoppers of rice in-the world. In-the northern a part of Nigeria rice is produced in industrial amount and in some areas in-the jap and western nigeria rice is furthermore being produced. However the issue is destitute milling high quality of the rice. With stones and different veasible debrease in our domestically produced rice, Nigerians now preferes overseas milled rice. 

This rice milling business master plan will present you ample information to allow you arrange a high quality parboiled rice milling system or  mixed rice mill which is able to improve high quality rice and compete with the standard of overseas imported rice.


Required machines for a rice mill are:

  1. Uncooked paddy cleaner cum aspirator containing huge aspiration of most well-liked suction measurement. It must be fitted with double followers with wanted damper controls.
  2. One rubber roll paddy sheller
  3. Paddy Separator to segregate unshelled paddy from deshelled paddy.
  4. Blowers, husk in addition to barn aspirators for aspiration of sunshine bits. It likewise divides husks from dehusked bits and bran from milled rice.
  5. Cone sort paddy polishers
  6. Rice / aspirator for filtration and grading of polished rice grains
  7. Container lifts for mass transportation and furthermore conveyance
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Early, it’s best to determine the need of the realm. It broadly relies upon upon 2 components. Whether or not the machine might be using a parboiling system for pre-treatment of paddy previous to the initiate of milling operation or it’s going to definitely be straight crushing uncooked paddy. Sometimes, 1.00 to 1.50 acre of land is required for growing an enhanced rice milling machine having a arrange dealing with strength of two MT/ hr.

The entire energy requirement might be about 75 KW. The meaningful energy want of the unit is about 90 HP in addition to accordingly supreme standby generator association is made. Water is required for parboiling in addition to residential utilization scope. You need to assure supreme preparations for fixed water system of needed high quality in addition to quantity.

You could develop a number of constructions for varied unit process. Such that uncooked paddy godown, cleansing up system, drier in addition to wanted sustaining frameworks reminiscent of boiler/blower system and so forth, crushing part, accomplished merchandise shops, tools areas and many others. You need to guarantee High quality Management and furthermore Requirements based mostly on AGMARK or NAFDAC relying on the nation have been you use from.


Rice milling system operation consists of several steps. These are:

Step 1

Pre-Cleansing: Eradicating all contaminations and furthermore unfilled grains from paddy

Motion 2

De-stoning: Separating tiny rocks from paddy

Step three

Parboiling: It aids to spice up the dietary elevated high quality by gelatinization of starch contained in the rice grain. It improves the milling therapeutic % all through deshelling in addition to brightening/ bleaching process

Step four

Husking: Eliminating husk from paddy

Tip 5

Husk Aim: Separating the husk from brown rice/ unhusked paddy

Motion 6

Paddy Splitting up: Separating the unhusked paddy from savage rice

Motion 7

Lightening: Eliminating all or a part of the bran layer in addition to bacterium of savage rice

Step eight

Sharpening: Bettering the looks of milled rice by eradicating the persevering with to be bran bits and by sharpening the skin of the machine made bit

Step 9

Size Grading: Separating little and furthermore huge broken from head rice

Step 10

Mixing: Mixing head rice with fastened amount of damaged, as wanted by the buyer

Motion 11

Contemplating in addition to getting: That is the end step in rice mill plant process. Getting ready the machine made rice for transportation to the buyer

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