How to start pure water business in Nigeria

How to start pure water business in Nigeria

How to start pure water business in NigeriaThis template on how to start a pure water business in Nigeria, will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from pure water business. The cost of starting pure water business in Nigeria, The cost of the different pure water producing machine and equipment needed for the commercial processing of pure water. The packaging of the pure water and the feasibility report on pure water business are discussed in this pure water business plan template.

Water is a basic commodity needed by man. In most cities, acute shortage of drinking water exists due to insufficient supply from the water corporations.

In places where this occurs, packaged packed water becomes an important product. The importance of this product to motorists, travelers cannot be over emphasised. The water to be packaged must be treated or spring water.

Market Analysis of pure water business in Nigeria

The demand for pure water (packaged) in most towns of Kogi state is high because of the locations of the towns as major road junctions where travelers and communities (can pose) interact.

The hot weather of most of the cities gives advantage to operators of this kind of industries too.

An estimated 5,000 bags of pure water per day can be sold in Lokoja town alone.

Pure water production raw materials

  1. Water from Boreholes water board or spring
  1. PolytHene films for making sachets
  1. Cardboard boxes for packing
  2. Carbonic gas to lower the tension of water filled sachets.
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Pure water production process

In order to guarantee hygiene and safety, the water has its impurities removed by filtration at 10microns. Other treatments that can be incorporated to impure water are chlorination, filtration on activated carbon and improvement of taste.

Treated water is packaged in sachets, when the filled water leaves the machine, they can either be in plastic or cardboard crates. A conveyer belt can be used to take the finished product to the packing station where they are stored on pallets ready for dispatch.

Also you need to make sure you meet nafdac requirement for pure water business in Nigeria

Pure water production machines

For a full analysis of pure water machines price in Nigeria and the cost of pure water machines and dealers See our complete pure water business plan

To start pure water business in Nigeria you will need basic machines and equipment to sterilize, seal and also perform many other function etc. Some of the equipment for pure water business includes single shaft 0.75HP gear motor with low rev. speed of 30 rpm, liquid packing

machine stabilizer, impulse sealers. Production capacity 500 litres/hrs.


Plant and machinery e.g. borehole N750, 000.00
Land/building (Rent) N50.000.00
Pre-investment cost N50, 000.00


Wages & Salaries N50.000.00
Raw materials N20, 000.00
Utilities N20, 000.00
N90, 000.00
Estimated Turnover N1, 200,000.00



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How to start pure water business in Nigeria

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