rubber slippers manufacturingThe SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS GUIDE is a complete SHOE MANUFACTURING BUSINESS that may help you with all of the wanted concepts and plans to start out a triumphant SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS. This SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS GUIDE will aid you get capital mortgage from a financial institution or different buyers to your modern SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS.


A SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS wherever in-the world is a viable business firm and could be performed on big scale or insignificant scale.

The SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS GUIDE is totally up to date with present analysis on the way to start out a SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, get the eye of consumers, retain them and make income.

Besides, this SLIPPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS GUIDE is not going to solely aid you on the way to make footwear, however will besides offer you a free information the way to make your personal footwear, the comprehensive shoe making course of for a slipper manufacturing firm, the place to order for the shoe or slipper making materials.


  1. Slipper Making Market Alternative
  2. Enlistment and License For Slipper Making
  3. Funding For Slipper Making business organization
  4. Slipper Making Unit Setup
  5. Slipper Making Equipment and suppliers
  6. Uncooked Materials Suppliers For Slipper Making
  7. Slipper Making Course of

Slipper making business firm could be began as little scale business firm. Slippers are thought-about as a mandatory private ware and are utilized by males, women and kids. Slippers are gentle weight footwear made up from elastic. Slipper making process is extraordinarily easy. From somewhat scale unit it may be produced by having some easy equipment and elastic sheet as basic uncooked materials.


Slipper Making Market Alternative

Slippers are utilized as part of each city and provincial zones in India. The merchandise has commerce potential too. India is the largest worldwide maker of footwear next China, bookkeeping to approx 13% of world footwear technology, which is close to 16 billion units. The numerous importing nations are USA, Germany, France and UK.

Slippers (Hawai Chappals) is close to 10000 crores with per capita utilization are evaluated to be 1 units. Presently a-days aside from being a necessity, it has became a significant model adornment accessible in numerous outlines.

Enlistment and License For Slipper Making

In start a Slipper making enterprise in India, it’s best to enroll your agency early with ROC. For somewhat scale unit it’s prudent to enroll as an OPC or LLP group. Apply for Commerce License from neighborhood Municipal Authority and SSI Unit enrollment from DIC. This type of assembling unit requires contamination consent.

Funding For Slipper Making business organization

Slipper MakingGenerally two types of cash associated prerequisite is included with Slipper making enterprise. One is altered capital and one other is working capital. In any little business firm start out, heavenly attendant hypothesis is probably the most superb technique for subsidizing on the off probability that it may be organized. For altered capital, it’s best to apply time period promote and to satisfy the working capital prerequisite apply for a cash credit score or over draft workplace.


Slipper Making Unit Setup

A modified enterprise report must be arrange earlier. You possibly can acknowledge the quantity of capital you require, who’re the suppliers, what machines you must introduce, from the place you’ll supply the uncooked materials and so forth. Prior to introducing the design association is significant. Orchestrate different utility factor like electrical provision and water asset. Slipper making unit exercise contains taking next customs:

  • Registration and Different formalities
  • Land identification and acquisition
  • Building Work
  • Equipment Buying and its Set up
  • Path Manufacturing


  1. Slipper Making Equipment and suppliers
  2. Uncooked Materials Suppliers For Slipper Making
  3. Slipper Making Course of


Slipper Making Equipment

As per the merchandise element and fancied creation bear it’s best to select the suitable intentionally. Right here we present a few of major required for Slipper fabricating.

  1. Flat Mattress Stitching Machine with Motor, Stand & Desk Clutch Kind
  2. Drilling machine
  3. Mixed Ending Machine
  4. Stapling Machine
  5. Plastic Final
  6. Slicing dies of distinct configurations and dimensions
  7. Hand operated instruments & tools


The actual uncooked supplies are elastic sheet and strap. You’ll likewise must safe the bundling consumables. These uncooked supplies could be obtained from neighborhood wholesale market or from the producer straightforwardly.

Slipper Making Course of

Trivial scale cell sheet acquired from distinct items are given the sought form with the help of reducing machine/mould. Straps would likewise be gotten from distinct joins from that time, these straps are altered to the chappals with the help of foot labored machine. To offer finishing touches to it, the straps are positioned in finishing machine. Next the standard examine of those chappals they’re stuffed in a polythene pack and afterward bought in business firm sectors.

Elastic Sheet → Sole Slicing → Drilling → Strap Fittings → Ending → Last Inspection → Packing


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