ice cream production business plan

ice cream production business planIce cream production business plan

This business plan on how to start an ice cream production business in Nigeria, will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from ice cream production business. The cost of starting a ice cream production business in Nigeria, The cost of the different commercial ice cream production machine and equipment in Nigeria needed for the ice cream manufacturing and the list of ice cream machine manufacturers. The packaging of the ice cream produced for shipment and sales. The feasibility report on ice cream production business in Nigeria are discussed in this ice cream production business plan template.

ice cream production business Market Analysis:

The recent climate in all a part of Nigeria encourages the consumption of ice cream tremendously kids’s favorite is ice- cream.

ice cream production plant aptitude: 10,000 varieties.

Raw materials for ice cream production:

The main raw materials for ice cream production includes milk powder, milk, butter or creamr. Various other ingredients are sugar, flavors, stabilizer, colour powder. Consumables are big cups (100 ml. size), small cups (50 ml. size), paper wrapper, polythene coated box (500 ml & 1000 ml. size) and carton packet. All the raw materials and consumables are locally available. The unit will have to tie up with nearby sources for milk, either in fresh or solid form and fat cream. Milk required for ice-cream manufacture commands a higher price.

Ice cream production process

The main steps in the production of ice cream or Ice cream production process are:

  1. Boiling of milk
  2. Cooling
  3. Chilling of milk
  4. Mixing of milk, sugar, flavors and other ingredient into semi-solid paste form
  5.  Freezing, hardening & packaging of the ice cream

The above steps actually makes up what is called the ice cream manufacturing process flow chart

Ice cream maker machine and equipment

The ice cream making machine and equipment includes Fridges, Deep freezers, and wrapping paper and exceptional consumable packages. You may also wish to use the automatic all in one ice cream maker. The prices for the automated ice cream maker defers. However, the ice cream making machine price list for the different machine are well analysed in the Ice cream production business plan

Ice cream company suggested location

Intending to start ice cream production business in Nigeria? Then you have to consider availability and accessibility to raw materials, Nearness to the target market, Availability of primary infrastructure like good road network and electricity to reduce the cost of your power consumption. Finally you need to study the demographics if they buy into your product idea or not, are your product women targeted or student and youth targeted? study the age, sex and pre-occupation of the residence within your intended location to ensure its best for your product project.

Ice cream production feasibility studies

Plant and Equipment 150
Land and Constructing 50
Pre-investment bills 20
Automobiles 50
Furnishings 10
Contingencies 10

Working Capital

Uncooked Materials 100
Salaries and Wages 200
Overhead and utilities 15
Entire Capital 700
Estimated Turnover: 600
Working Prices
Uncooked Materials 100
Utilities- Energy 5
– Gasoline 10
-Water 5
Salaries and Wages
Supervisor (1) 120
Assistant (1) 40
Salesmen (four) 40
Upkeep and Repairs 5
Overhead Prices 10
Advertising Bills 60
Depreciation 15
Curiosity on Funding 30
Entire working Charge 440
Gross Margin 160

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