Poultry feed production business plan

Poultry feed production business planPoultry feed production business plan

This template on how to start a Poultry feed production business in Nigeria, will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from Poultry feed business. The cost of starting a commercial Poultry feed production business in Nigeria, The cost of the different poultry feed production  machine and equipment needed for the commercial production of poultry feed. The packaging of the poultry feed manufactured and the feasibility report on Poultry feed production business are discussed in this Poultry feed business plan template.

Poultry feed is an essential prerequisite to poultry farming. The scarcity of adequate quality of poultry feeds has been affecting the productivity of Poultry farmers in the Country.

The need for adequate and sustainable availability of suitable feed premixes make poultry feed production an important and profitable enterprise in Nigeria.

In an effort to reduce cost of imported inputs, the Federal Government set up a task force mandated to look into local raw material substitutes for livestock feed production. The task force report has elucidated some local raw materials that can form the basic ingredients for compounding livestock feeds locally. A number of manufacturing activities has centered on this report and prospective industrialists can take advantage of this opportunity to establish viable livestock feeds production companies.

Raw Materials for poultry feed production:

The raw materials are groundnut cake, palm kernel meal, fish meal, bone meal, sodium chloride, vitamin premix, mineral premix and other additives.

Poultry feed production machines

The equipment required for poultry feed manufacturing project include hammer mill, filling, blending (mixer) and bag sewing machines.

Poultry feed manufacturing process:

The production process of poultry feed starts from the hammer mill, where the bones are crushed. The crushed bones are mixed with the fish meal, sodium chloride and other additives such as vitamin and mineral premixes. The mixture is bagged ready for use or sale.

Poultry feed formula

Layer starter mash 0-8 weeks
Grower mash 9-20 weeks
Layer mash 20 weeks to end of laying

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Broiler starter mash 0-5 weeks
Broiler Finisher mash 6-12 weeks

With the increase in the price of poultry feed in Nigeria, farmers are finding difficult to buy poutry feeds and also make profit from their poultry farm. However, the below poultry feed formula for starter and poultry feed formula for broiler serves as a good guide for those intending to start the poultry feed manufacturing business, either for local consumption in their farms or for commercial manufacturing of poultry feed.

Starter feed formula

Starter feed formulation
Maize 450kg
Soya meal 180kg
Full fat soya 150kg
Wheat offal 150kg
72%fishmeal 30kg
Oyster shell 10kg
Lime stone 25kg
Salt 3 kg
Chicks premix 3kg
Toxin binder 2.5kg
Agrar 2kg
Lysine 1kg
Mathionine 1kg
Optimix 0.5kg
Superliv 0.5kg
Vitamin C 0.5kg
Enzyme 0.25kg
Total 1,009.25kg

Growers Mash Formula

Growers Mash Formula
Maize 470kg
Soya meal 200kg
Wheat offal 180kg
Seapak 25kg
Palm kernel cake 50kg
72%fish meal 10kg
Oyster shell 60kg
Bone meal 20kg
Salt 3 kg
Growers premix 4kg
Toxin binder 3kg
Lysine 1kg
Methionine 0.5kg
Optimix 1kg
Superliv 0.5kg
Enzyme 0.25kg
Vitamin c 0.1kg
Total 1,028.35kg

Broiler starter mash  Formula for male

Broiler starter mash Formula for male
Maize 554kg
Soya meal 103kg
Wheat offal 274kg
Soya oil 20kg
DCP 16kg
Lime stone 15kg
Agrar 4kg
Broiler premix 3kg
Toxin buider 3 kg
Salt 3kg
Lysine 2kg
Methionine 2kg
Chlorine chloride 1kg
Total 1,000kg

Broiler starter mash Formula for female

Broiler starter mash Formula for female
Maize 500kg
Soya meal 150kg
full fat soya 76kg
wheat offal 136kg
soya oil 30kg
lime stone 75kg
DCP 16kg
Agrar 4kg
Broiler premix 3kg
Toxinbinder 3kg
Salt 3kg
Methionine 2kg
chlorine chloride 1kg
Lysine 2kg
Total 1,001kg

Layers Mash Formula

Layers Mash Formula
Maize 480kg
Soya meal 220kg
Wheat offal 140klg
Palm kernel cake 40kg
Fish meal 10kg
Oyster shell 80kg
Bone meal 30kg
Layers premix 2.5kg
Lysine 2.5kg
Toxin binder 2.5kg
Methionine 0.5kg
Optimix 1kg
Superliv 0.5kg
Enzyme 0.25kg
Vitamin 0.1kg
Total 1,013.35kg


Poultry feed production cost

Plant and Machinery 250,000.00
Land and Building (Rent) 70,000.00
Pre- investment Expenses 50,000.00
Working Capital 50,000.00
Total Cost 420,000.00


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