PPV Advertising Simplified

Pay per view advertising is interesting, in part, because you’re presenting offers to a unique audience type.  The people who’ll be viewing your ads have all agreed to download the PPV company’s Adware.  While you can’t read too much into this fact, it does have an impact on the way one should approach the practice.   What do you know about the audience for your ads?  Obviously, you have some idea about them based upon the search queries they’ll be making or the URLs they’ll be visiting.  You know something else, too.  They agreed to download the software that shows them your advertisements in exchange for some inducement. Think about what that means about this particular audience, compared to other audiences you may approach with different advertising strategies. You know that these people are willing to download items from third parties.   That indicates that their either incredibly tech savvy and comfortable in their computer security and protections or, as is more often the case, they’re just not that concerned about bringing in third party materials.  Either they don’t realize the potential for risk or they don’t care.  In either case, you know that you’re putting an offer in front of people who will click a “download now” link.

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