Name of sector profiled Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Major product/by product Edible Oil

SOYA MILK PRODUCTION BUSINESSMarket Analysis of soya milk business

Demand and supply Dynamics: Soyabeans is found in many local government area in Niger State especial Lapai in Lapai local government area of Niger state.

The demand for soymilk is now on the increase because of it richness in protein as well being veritable substitute for concentrated cow milk. It is now found on break fast tables in most homes in Nigeria.

Project Engineering

Plant capacity/: 5 million litres of soyamilk and 14,37.5MT of soya flour per annum.

Raw materials for soya beans milk production N 000
Soyabeans (1,250MT at N34/kg) 42,500.00
Sugar (143MT at N100/kg) 14,300.00
Flavouring, stabilizing & colouring agents (QS) 300.00
Salt ID MT at N30/kg 1,500.00

Quantity – 1403

Quality – Good

Cost – 58,600.00

Sources -Local Imported

Soya Milk Production process 

The production process of soya milk and soya flour is summarised below.

  1. Harvested soya beans are mechanically cleaned, sorted and sorted in 50kg bags or silos at 12% moisture content.
  2. The beans are washed in tanks to removed dirt, stones, dust, weevils, etc they are then soaked in running water at room temperature for 4-5 hours to absorb water.
  3. Mix soaked beans with hot water (near boiling) at an approximate ratio of 2:8 before grinding
  4. Filter the slurry using stainless steel cloth
  5. Heat the extracted milk with the added sugar, flavour, salt and stabilizing agents in a formulation tank with agitators.
  6. Sterilize formulated milk for a few seconds in a plate type heat exchange and chill rapidly.
  7. Pack the processed milk in 1 litre polyethylene bottles or polishes.
  8. Finally, dry the residue, mill and pack as soya flour.

Machinery and Equipment for soya milk production business

They are washer, sacking tank, Grinding, centrifugal filter, Agitator tanks, pumps, plate type heat exchanger, filling machine, Dryer, Most of these equipment are available locally.

Production capacity:- 5 million litres of soya milk and 14,37.5 MT of soya flour per annum.


Cost:- N3,000,000.00

Sources:- Local and Imported

Spare parts Requirement:

Types: – Depend on the types of machine

Cost:- Not determined

Labour/Manpower requirements

Number of people Required – 17

1 Managers 1 200.00
2 Chemist 1 180.00
3 Quality controller 1 180.00
4 Accountant 1 180.00
5 Salesmen 2 240.00
6 Skilled Workers 2 192.00
7 Unskilled Workers 8 840.00


Skilled – 2

Unskilled – 8

Sources: – Local

Training needs

In-plant – yes

Out plant – yes

Both – yes


Utilities N 000
Power 560.000
Fuel (steam etc) 780.00
Water 100.00
Other facilities
Telecommunication – Available
Transport – Available
Preliminary Financial Analysis
Cost of fixed Assets (Investment) N 000
Land 250.00
Building 2,000.00
Furniture & fittings 250.00
Machinery and Equipment 3,000.00
Project vehicle 400.00
Utilities 300
Preliminary & the operation Expense 62.00
Contingencies – 10% 626.00
Total 6888.00


Working capital (3 months)

Raw materials 14,650.00
Salaries and wages 503.00
Utilities 360.00
Total capital (Investment) 22,401.00
Estimates turnover per annum N 000
(5 million litres of soya milk 100,000.00
1437.5MT of soya flour at N30/Kg 43,125.00
Operating cost
: 0.75% of the preceding cost 467.00
Gross margin 50.8%

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