Termite Control – How to Get Rid of Termites

Termite Control – How to Get Rid of Termites

How to know that you have termites around you

Due to the fact that termites do live under the ground and within walls of houses, you may likely not see them as often as you wish

Signs that termites are living around you

The following are signs you shpuld look out for to know that termites are living around your house or farm.
1. Droppings of termite which looks like small wood coloured pellets
2. Mud tubes on external surface
3. same size wings, shredded close to the door or window or any other entry point of your house

However, these signs are most times difficult to detect, so i personally recommend that you carry out time-to-time inspection by a pest control or termite control professional.

Why you should be worried over termite inversion

Some people’s houses are their biggest investment, with the level of termite damage rounding up in billions of dollars yearly, this becomes a major threats to such investments.
Also it should be noted that so many insurance plan do not protect against damage by termite

How to Prevent termite infestation in your house or property

This termite prevention guide will show you how to get rid of termites around your house and stop them from coming any further

1. Reduce the level of moist droplets by repairing broken pipes and Aircondition units
2. Clean up drainage sites arround you
3. Repair cracks in foundations and cracks around pipes and utility lines
4. Store your firewood far from your house
5. Get rid of woods, fallen trees and parts around your house
6. Monitor exterior wooden properties or wooden installations for signs of termite infestation.

In the next post we would list 5 ways to on how to Get Rid of Termites in your home permanently


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