unicenta pos

unicenta pos

unicenta pos: How to connect Unicenta to remote mysql database

unicenta pos

unicenta pos : Unicenta pos is a free point of sale software ( free pos software ) that can be used in fast food, and other inventory shops. I personnally had problems Installing and configuring uniCenta opos to use remote MySQL. It was after i found the solution of connecting unicenta mysql, that I decided to put up this small tutorials.

This unicenta configuration tutorials will also help you if you intend to configure unicenta for multiple users terminal.
For those that wish to configure unicenta to use remote host it is best you follow my underlisted guide on how to connect unicenta pos to remote host.
Order a hosting account with any hosting company of your choice
Create a new database in your cpanel. Don’t add any table
Create access for your local computer Ip. In your cpanel, under databse, click Remote MYSQL, Add YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER IP in the “Remote Database Access Hosts”

How to Configure Unicenta opos remote host databse

Below are the steps by step guide for Unicenta MySQL Database Remote Connection configuration

  1. Driver directory (DriveLetter e.g C:):\Program Files (x86)\unicentaopos-3.91.3\.\lib\mysql-connector-java-5.1.26-bin.jar
  2. com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  3.  URL: jdbc:mysql://YourIPAddress:3306/cpanelusername_databasename
    URL: jdbc:mysql://YourIPAddress:3306/cpanelusername_databasename
  4. User: cpanelusername_databaseMySQLUser
  5. Password: database MySQL User Password
  6.  Save
  7.  Tables will be created when Unicenta opos restarted.

unicenta download

Unicenta opos is a free inventory management system and a free pos software. it is one of the best free pos or inventory management system in the world. It has been adopted in many retail outlet all over the world. Unicenta download can gotten in unicenta github.

unicenta opos manual

All unicenta opos manual can be download here. the unicenta manual contains unicenta pos tutorial on:

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unicenta how to use
unicenta how to refund
unicenta how to import csv
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how to install unicenta pos android
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free pos software, free pos

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