why are my adsense earnings so low

why are my adsense earnings so low ?

Why are my adsense earnings so low? I suppose that you are not new to google Adsense and how to make money from google adsense. So many your people and bloggers this days including me makes lots of money with google adsense.

However,  Adsense publishers are worrried that Adsense earnings for 2017 have dropped so low. why has adsense earnings drop in 2017? why has adsense CPC drop so low in 2017? why has adsense RPM drop low in 2017? why are my adsense earnings so low?

why did my adsense earnings go down in 2017 ?
I happened to check my adsense earnings on January 2017 and I was supprised to see that the earning has dropped so badly,
far below what I make daily. My google adsense earnings dropped to zero point per day in 2017 January. I was worried but after several research on the reason why adsense estimated earnings drop in 2017, I decided to update this post to show you my findings as to the reasons and facts why adsense earnings drop january 2017.

why are my adsense earnings so low

1. Increment in-the number of Advert Networks

Why are my adsense earnings so low? A fast increment in-the variety of Advert networks is moreover one of many main causes of the decline in Adsense earnings. Now there are many corporations who present Advert alternatives at very low rate as in comparison with Google Adwords. So, advertisers are taking extra interest in these low cost Advert networks. This is the first reason why adsense earnings  is so low.

2. Low Conversion in google ads 

Why are my adsense earnings so low? The second reason why adsense earning is so low in january, 2017 is low conversion of adword. these days, advertisers will not be getting quality conversions and leads and the ROI they’re getting may be very low. These are all taking place simply due to the usage of fake views, click bots, click jacking and many others.

3. Low Advertising Budget

Why are my adsense earnings so low? These days Advertisers are taking extra curiosity in different web advertising methods as an alternative of google PPC advert campaigns. If some advertisers are still investing in google PPC network then they spend low on these campaign. If advertisers pay less then your adsense earnings will go down.

4. Facebook Advertisements

Why are my adsense earnings so low? If you’re studying this post then you definitely would possibly already find out about Facebook advertisements and the way  facebook advert is cheap compared to google ads. Facebook advert is not only low cost, however it is also easy to use their dashboard. Facebook Adverts don’t have a lot of restrictions and complications like Adwords.

I do not think that the fall in adsense earnings in 2017, should cause any panic for google publishers. For those that have been google publishers for a long time before now can attest to the fact that google Adsense earnings fluctuate and google adsense per view also drops because people are so engage in Christmas celebration than suffing the net. Also google advertisers tend to hold back on thier investment in adverts after the holidays that is why adsense earnings drop

Also see best answer as to why adsense earnings drop, by Google Adsense team directly

This is a question we receive each year in January. Advertising budgets companies spend on AdSense has a strong negative trend between December and January which is purely seasonal and has something to do with the holiday season in many parts of the world. This is when advertisers spend the most. Often, site visitors are also more interested in ads when they are e.g. looking for holiday gifts. Both trends together result in a sharp drop in RPM (lower CPC, lower CTR) in January.
As such, I certainly share your desire to keep the same level of earnings as December comes to an end, but it is the norm to have much lower earnings in January, and there is more or less nothing in particular you or us can do about it. Sorry about that.
Best of luck with AdSense!

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I hope this findings may help you in relaxing your mind about why adsense earning dropped. Also, if you are an Adsense publisher then please share your own stats, drop in earnings, views, and comment with our readers. It would be appreciable and beneficial for you and readers both.

Adsense earnings low in 2017

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