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Get paid to write

Do you wish to earn money online writing simple articles? Its the effort of readers just like you that gets eduauthor.com  running. Readers who never had any writing experience but decided to put down something and and send it in.

So here is the deal: We will pay you $1 for every 1000 unique page view your article generates. So if you have say 50 unique articles that generates 1000 page views daily, you get $50 daily payable into your paypal account monthly or as cheque (limited country option) issued to you monthly.

You don’t have to be an expert writer — You just need to know how to speak English, have a sense of humor, and understanding of the topic you choose to write on.

How it works:

  1. Register as a writer. You don’t have an account? just register one, it is easy and free.
  2. Write your article and submit
  3. We would read and reviewed the article, and if it’s amazing it will appear on the front page of eduauthor.com to be read by millions of people a month! or we reply and say “Sorry the article is the sort of article our readers will love. Give it another shot”.
  4. Your approved and published article begins to get views and traffic.
  5. You earn $1 for every 1000 unique page view your article makes and can withdraw said amount each time you reach minimal balance of $10.
  6. View your earnings now! and withdraw

 The Rules

Prerequisites For A Successful Submission of an Article
The rules are pretty simple. In order to get your article to be successfully submitted and possibly approved by eduauthor.com, below are some very basic requirements you must meet or your article will be rejected.

  1. The article must be written in good English. The English should be simple and easy to understand to have a successful submission. This is the number one reason we reject submissions.
  2. The topic must match our site focus. We do not accept articles of adult or illegal nature.
  3. The list must not be a translation of an existing page in a foreign language.
  4. Plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered as a very serious offense on eduauthor.com. If we uncover any attempt to pass off someone else article as your own, you will be permanently blocked and blacklisted. We cross-check every submitted article for plagiarism before approval.


Oh—and there is one more thing: If you have a web blog, a facebook page, twitter account, or a book you want to promote, mention it in the contact form and we will stick it at the bottom of your articles.

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