Zobo Drink Production & Preservation


zobo drink production

Name of Sector Profile Food, Beverages and Tobacco.
Major Products Zobo Drink

Market Analysis of Zobo Drink Production:

Demand and Supply: Zobo drink can be produced from sorrel flower on a small-scale basis. This type of drink has been recognized, for a long time in different parts of the country. The ready availability of the raw material (sorrel flower) in many parts of the country makes it a worthwhile industrial venture. The production is made feasible as no other raw material is added apart from sorrel flower. This is a natural drink with the ability to enhance good health.

Health benefits of zobo drink

Zobo drink has the following health benefits:

  • It has high level of antioxidant that is water soluble.
  • Zobo drink has high volume of vitamin C.
  • Zobo drink contains organic acids such as tartaric acid, citric acid & maleic acid.
  • Zobo drink has anti-hypertensive properties that helps cure and prevents hypertension.
  • Zobo drink contains anti bacterial properties.
  • Enzyme inhibitor.

Project Engineering of zobo drink production:

  • Plant Capacity: 100,000 litres/annum.
  • Raw Material Requirement: Sorrel flower, water, sugar and flavour (optional).
Quantity Commercial.
Quality Good.
Cost (N per unit of measure) 140,000 mudu measure – 20,000.00
Source Local (All over Nasarawa State).

How to make zobo drink:

  • Sorrel flower petals (reddish in colour) are removed and dried in the sun. The petals are then put in water and rinsed. Thereafter, they are boiled in pots. Sugar and flavour are added to taste. It is allowed to cool and chilled preferably before drinking.

How to preserve zobo drink

If you want to go into large production of zobo drink, you can make use of sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate for the preservation of your zobo drink. But since consumers are increasingly resistant to preservatives you can best preserve the shelf life of the zobo drink by bottling it in airtight bottles or container.

Machinery and Equipment Required

Cooking pot, sieve, polythene bag.

Cost N10,000.00

Source Local.

Labour Manpower Requirement for zobo drink production :

Number of people required – 5

Category Number N
1 Production manager 1 50,000.00
2 Supervisor 1 50,000.00
3 Skilled worker 2 150,000.00
4 Unskilled worker 4 100,000.00
5 Total 8 N 350,000.00


Skilled – 2

Unskilled – 4

Source: Within (Local).

Training Needs

In-plant – Yes

Out-plant – Not necessary


Water 10,000.00
Fuel (kerosene) 30,000.00
Electricity 20,000.00
Total = N 60,000.00


Other Facilities
Transport N 15,000.00
Preliminary Financial Analysis:
1 Cost of land and building (Rent) 50,000.00
2 Machinery and equipment 10,000.00
3 Utilities 60,000.00
4 Preliminary and Pre-operational 10,000.00
Contingencies 5,000.00
Total = N 135,000.00

Working Capital:

Raw materials 20,000.00
Salaries and wages 350,000.00
Overhead and utilities 60,000.00
Total N 430,000.00

Estimated Turnover – N25,000.00

Operating cost (Overhead cost).

0.75% of preceding cost of production N 10,000.00
Break-even point (%) 12.0%


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