10 Places in Florida You Should NEVER Move To

Move to these places and you’re gonna regret it big time!
Florida! A sunny state for shady people. It’s a big mix here – old people, regular people, meth heads, hispanics, really rich white people, poor black people and every single type of redneck you can think of. Because of the weather, it’s one of the main destinations for Americans. But due to the PEOPLE here, it’s one of the worst places you can move.
No, that’s mean. There’s plenty of good folks in Florida. Kinda?
But, where are the worse places you can live in Florida? Many people will say there isn’t a GOOD place in Florida to live anymore these days. But we have to pick the worst ten. Which was SUPER hard.
We’re going to use statistics, data and feedback from YOU PEOPLE in Florida for the rankings. Stay tuned as we go through, one by one, the worst places to live in Florida. And no, everywhere is not one of them.

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