10 Things Why People Cheat In a Relationship

Cheating can be the source of disaster in a relationship; unfortunately, it is somehow inevitable. It is actually a good idea to know the real reason of cheating. This way, it is possible to prevent that from happening. Today, we have 10 things on why people cheat in a relationship. Let’s see if your relationship is at risk or not.

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Why People Cheat in a Relationship

  1. Lack of love: Let’s start with the most obvious sign that triggers cheating in a relationship. It is lacking of love, Cheaters or monkey branchers don’t love their partner sincerely. They just fell in love because they need someone in their life for companion. They don’t consider them as a lifetime partner as they actually want to have a friend with status. That’s it. There’s no love whatsoever in the relationship.
  2. Low commitment: Relationship requires commitment in order to establish a good and reliable relationship. If one fails to recognize and practice commitment, the relationship will crumble. Commitment also plays important role in a long-lasting relationship, because it is what makes couples survive even in difficult times.
  3. They want to look stronger: This applies when your partner doesn’t seem to be reliable multiple times. The feel that cheating is the only way to make them refreshed or stronger again. They cheat because they will be appreciated by their new partner, and they will return to you as a completely fresh person. However, remember that this is not because it is the only reason.
  4. Situational factors: The next thing that makes people cheat is because of situation. Sometimes, people cannot think clearly such as when they are under medication or drunk. When this happens, they do something without them realizing it. Unfortunately, this also applies for cheating.
  5. Motivation for bad deeds: The next thing is probably only for those who are cruel enough to do this. It is the motivation of the person to cheat without considering the feeling of the partner. They want to do this to make the partner suffer. They typically want to change their partner, but they are reluctant to say it to their partner.
  6. Dissatisfaction of equality: Another problem that should be addressed which triggers cheating is equality in a relationship. This is more important especially when it comes to financial matter. Either women or men can be trapped in this situation, especially one contributes more to their financial condition than other.
  7. To make the partner jealous: There are some people who think that their relationship will be better by cheating. Those are people who confidently know that their partner can be manipulated by making them jealous. They know that their partner would do anything to prevent cheating from happening. This is usually strategy of toxic people to earn love, attention, and respect from their partner.
  8. Insecurity: If you look closely, relationship doesn’t always run smoothly. Sometimes, there are worries that make stop to think whether the relationship will work in the future. This is called insecurity, and it can be the source of devastation. This happens when trust is not greatly established, and cheating can start from here.
  9. Immaturity: Another reason why people cheat is because they don’t know the true meaning of relationship, especially when it comes to married couple. It is possible that one partner still wants to hang around with friends while the other seeks for future plans. If this happens, one that has committed to relationship tends to cheat, because this person isn’t satisfied with the other’s behavior which tends to defy the vow.
  10. Unreasonable expectation: Lastly, relationship just won’t work if one has unrealistic expectation. Take one example of a relationship that demands such as having the same love or even greater in the long run It just won’t happen because people basically change.

Well, those are some of the reasons why people cheat in a relationship. So, really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and watch all our other amazing videos! Thanks for watching.


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