$100 per day with Adsense facebook autopilot method

$100 per day with Adsense facebook autopilot method

$100 per day with Adsense facebook autopilot methodAlright so this is one serious article I have been wishing to table down after a long while. i did not cos when i wanted to initiate this writing facebook changed lots of their alogrithm, thus making the whole techniques to change.

Despite the fact that facebook has changed lots of things, this techniques still works well. With this techniques am about to show you, i was making about $80 – $150 daily before now. Although, it might demand more advertisment budget, you can still make upto $5000 to $8000 monthly.

It will amaze you to know that I know someone earning upto $50,000 monthly using this $100 per day with Adsense facebook autopilot method. The good thing is that this techniques is all whitehat and not blackhat. It is an additional source of income and can be done on autopilot method

I promise to update you periodically on this post on any latest changes

Items you will need for this $100 per day with Adsense facebook autopilot method
This $100 per day with Adsense facebook autopilot method is easy, but may be quite challanging.
What you are expected to do is publish a viral post and send huge traffic to the post

What is the amount of traffic we are looking at sending to this viral post? You should be looing at sending upto 1000 and above visitors per day to the viral post.

Also, this viral post has to be ganished with viral pictures and stories, this will make them go viral on facebook which is our target traffic source.

As the visitors lands on the post they will hover and click on your adsense ads thus making you money.

You may wish to know why i choose adsense. Adsense is the number one advertisment platform where publisher makes lots of maney from daily. However this method can also work for other pay per cick alternatives.

In our next post, we would analyse the basic reasons why adsense is more preferable to other alternatives out there. Especially if your visitors are not from search engine.

$100 per day with Adsense facebook autopilot method

I am going to seperate this method into three different steps.

1. Develop your wordpress Website or blog

Creating a wordpress website is easy, you might need to learn the step by step process of designing a wordpress site from our last post. I tried to cover as much as possible, from the registering of domain name to hosting, installation of wordpress and plugins, the configuratios and postings. It is simple and may not take you one hour to learn the process.

You will need a Virtual Private Server, as the traffic may crash share hosted server. You will love to use the hostripples VPS their service is very good with 247 support chat system to help you resolve any technical issues.

You may already know that the basic thing about google adsense is the Cost Per Click and the amount of traffic, the traffic location and the keywords used. Because google adsense uses CPC to determine your earnings, this means the higher you Cost per Click the higher your adsense earnings. You will need to know that increasing your CPC, considering your huge traffic can be the difference between $80 to $150 daily. So you need high CPC. See our post on how to increase adsense cpc

Having a mobile responsive theme can help increase your CTR.

2. Create and Grow a Facebook Fan page.

You will need to create a facebook fan page target to country who love viral posts. You will have to grow and engage the fanpages with facebook ads.
However, there are few changes to facebook alogrithm but you can gain more traffic folowing the underlisted steps:
a. Adopt the facebook newsfeed and mobile newsfeed ads. The traffic from this method is far higher than the right hand sided facebook ads method. The right hand sided ads are dispalyed to desktop computers only and do not appear on mobile.
b. Facebook now evenly distributes your budget in the day time. No matter the time your ads was approved, facebook now start your ads optimally during the day

3. Publish viral post on your Fan Page

This steps is time consuming but easy. You will search the net for viral post and stories. and post them on your website or blog. What I usaully do is spy my competitors using google trend alerts. and check the post they publish. I also use websites like upworthy and viralnova. but put an eye on google trend as you can get tons of traffic being the 1st to write a viral post.

Do not copy and paste their article on your blog except you wish to get banned by google adsense. Rewrite the article using a good spinner or based on your own ideas. you may wish to add videos to the post to spice it up. Always link to the source

Step 4. Rinse, repeat and automate.

You can be able to start the whole process between 1 and 2 days if you are fast. Depending on your facebook advert budget, you will start making some money from adsense. Your earnings rate also depends on how viral your post is. It’s pure mathematics.
Automate your Fan Page posts

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