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The 21st century has recorded the highest number of self-made millionaires ever, and greater percentages of the millionaires are young people between the ages of 20 to 40


Understanding Times and Seasons

  • What are times and seasons?
    These are the changes in the mode of activities, input and output brought about by human or supernatural activities such as Forces of demand and supply, technology, government and government policies, natural disaster, religious beliefs etc.
  • 1 Chronicles 12:32
    Of Issachar, men who had the understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.

Why do we have to study Times and Season

  • The study of time gives you an opportunity to become strategic in your planning according to the requirement of the 21st
  • The conscious actions that will produce the best result and profit in this 21st century
  • To know the opportunities available in this 21st century
  • It will make you wealthy with minimal effort
  • You will become an employer of labor and emperor of your time
  • You can be used as the Joseph of your generation
  • Kings will comes to the rising of your staRS

List of Times and seasons

  • The slavery
  • The industrial revolution
  • The Education boom
  • The Information age
  • The birth of the psychozoic era


Psychozoic era

Psychozoic era is an era characterized by the presence of high human intelligence being deployed to solve human challenges.

High human intelligence + Deployment = Solution to organizational and interpersonal challenges

Psychozoic era means you have to study more, research more

Keys to succeed in Psychozoic era

Below are some of the keys and secret you will need to succeed in this Psychozoic era:

  1. Boost your brain: You will need to study more, read more books and practically engage your brain in a conscious training on problem-solving. This process is called brain exercise.
    On your very first day at the gym, you had realized you were not able to lift the big weight. But after much daily practice, you were finally able to lift bigger lift 5 times the earlier once or more. Your brain has the same capacity to develop if put under rigorous exercise, what I call brain development.

The CPU of the computer is synonymous with the human brains. Its garbage in garbage out, you can not get any information from the computer if you had not earlier stored it into the system. Furthermore, you can not retrieve important data from the brain if you had not consciously imputed it into the brain earlier.

I see most students, running away from school assignment, running away from supposed difficult subjects and being lazy to study. This kind of students finishes school with their brain still like the brains of a child ( underdeveloped)

Practical brain development guide

For you to succeed in the psychozoic era, you need to be intelligent, deploy the intelligence as a solution to organizational or human problems. This is the major base for the unveiling the 21st century key to financial freedom

  1. Read and study more:

Reading more and more books enhances your thinking ability. Reading is a great way by which you can exercise your brain. Read your academic books, newspaper, books on history. The more you read the more your brain gets to think deeper, understands and retain memory lines.
Try to read books where you learn something from each day. Also reading books of history has a way of making you think the previous, the present and the future. This form of brain exercise improve memory

  1. Learn new vocabularies: The act of learning new vocabularies daily is a good way to exercise the brain and has a way of developing the language part of your brain. Write the new vocabularies in places where you can easily see them. Try spelling challenge too. This will boost the ability of your brain to know more of word vocabularies if seen or heard in spoken or written words.
  2. Learn to write post: Writing is one brain exercise that requires much thinking. Writing requires organizing, deep thinking and analyzing your raw data before you begin to pen down. Do creative writing. Do fiction storyline. Write about recent happenings. Write about yourself, I mean to write about your recent experiences.
    You can decide to write for income44.com
  3. Learn Maths or calculation related course: Don t run away from calculation related courses. Some students blank out on math, not knowing in all their courses in school, calculation related courses is one great brain booster and can help exercise the brain faster. Try to solve difficult equations, even if you fail it, it is still helping you greatly to improve your brain.
  4. Learn new skills: You can learn new skill as a way of brain exercise. Learn skills such as playing music instrument
  5. Play games to exercise your brain: playing puzzle and crosswords can improve your brain capacity. Simple crosswords and puzzle can help exercise your brain to do some basic routine work. You can play this simple games online or on your mobile phone at your leisure time.
    You can also play other games like chess and scrabble.
  6. You can consider going back to school or start extra classes.
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  1. Search and analysis sectoral problems: 

  2. Until you begin to solve human problems you will never make money. The problems you solve the more money you make. As a 21st generation entrepreneur, you have to ensure that you don’t sacrifice productive time of your life thinking of your personal problems and dwelling in them. You need to know that the solution you proffer to a sector of the economy brings about a total extermination of your own problems.

The Psychozoic strategy in solving problems

The most profitable way to solve a problem is to tackle the problem of a sector. A sector in this context refers to a group of people or institution with similar characteristics and similar problems. Example of a sector includes; the educational sector, agricultural sector, car owners sector, real estate sector etc. sectors can also be further classified into sub-sectors. For example, in the educational sector, we have sub-sectors such as Creche, primary school, secondary school and tertiary institutions.

Why do we adopt the sectoral approach in solving problems?

If you are trained to serve only a man or a particular company, the day the man dies or the company goes bankrupt your source of income dies. What if you are sacked?

The best approach to become a millionaire in the psychozoic era is to search, analyze and solve the problem associated with a sector. The educational sector, for instance, can never die. Meltdown or not parent will send their children to school. So plugging your product or service into a sector of this nature is the best approach. You will never go broke if your product or service meets their needs.

How to research and analyze a sectoral problem

Follow the below steps to research and analyze sectoral problems and get the best solution

  1. Test the size of the sector. The larger the sector the better
  2. Analyse the severity of the problem: Are the problem so severe that they need an urgent solution?
  3. What are the possible solution to the problem: You may have the requisite skills to solve the problem affecting the industry, or you can simply outsource the

How to get the product or needed service to solve the problem

After you have done your research and analyzed the severity of the problem, its time to make money. At the beginning of this post, I told you that you can only earn good money or rather become a millionaire if you have a product or service that solves a sectoral problem. Below are some of the strategy you can use to get or develop the product or service:

  1. Do it yourself. If you are technical enough, you can develop the product or render the service that serves as a solution to the problem. To make it easy for you if you are into service delivery, incorporate a company and teach your worker to render the solution to targeted customers in the identified sector.
  2. In this method, you stand as a middleman and bring in an expert that can solve the problem form a synergy and earn from the business. You have the understanding of the market he has the products or service.
  3. You can also buy the product or pay for it to be developed


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