3 Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail



Hey there, Adam LoDolce from SexyConfidencecom, where I help the 21st century woman create a love life that she absolutely loves.

Woah! I’m Ann LoDolce, I’m Adam’s mother, and I’ve been a divorce lawyer for over 41 years, Woah! And in this short video we’re going to share with you the 3 biggest reasons why those relationships failed:

3 biggest reasons why relationships fail

  1. Incivility: As a relationship progresses, people tend to just get really comfortable with one another, almost too comfortable.

I f****** hate how you chew your food! And it’s really easy to become unnecessarily mean to your partner Some people just take one another for granted after years go by in a relationship Instead of just being nice and polite to the partner, some people just become mean about even the smallest things Thank you, Mom, for being so great in this video You’re welcome, Adam.

You’re the greatest son a mother could ask for. So be nice to your partner and to your mother.

  1. You constantly seek the chase: A secure and healthy relationship is by nature a little bit boring sometimes because the chase is just gone.

I love you I love you too, honey Ooh! Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into thinking that the thrill of something new is better. It’s not always the case If you’re bored in a relationship, it might just be because your life is boring.

If you get bored, I don’t know, go bungee jumping. Chase excitement in your life, not always just in your love life. Love is supposed to feel warm and safe, not like you’re jumping off a bridge. As a mother, I forbid any sexy, confident woman to go bungee jumping.

  1. Alcohol abuse: Sadly, one of the biggest reasons for the end of a marriage is alcohol abuse. It causes you to make bad decisions and say things that you might not always mean.

Summary on why most relationships fail  

So there you have it, your three reasons why most relationships fail I want to ask you now: has a relationship  fail because of one of these three reasons? Please comment right there below.

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