Business in Nigeria: 3 things you need to consider before you start

3 things you need to consider when doing business in Nigeria

First of all you have three things you need to consider when doing business in Nigeria.

  1. Location: You have to consider your location depending on the type of business you’re doing and also you have to think about staffing as well.
  2. Staffing: in Nigeria is in two parts we have the cheaper labour force, which yeah as the tag suggests they just cheap labour force or you have a professional educated person that’s actually been for the university system, that because of the high and unemployment rate in the country wants to work and is willing to work and is ready to dedicate itself so you have that you’re going to pay slightly more but what you get back in return is brilliant.
  3. Funding: the other thing that I find that most people actually take for granted is funding and when I said funding, i’m talking about your capital. Most people always some have capital in the mind, they know what they want to spend, they budget for it and they keep that budget – it doesn’t work like that in Nigeria. You cannot keep to one budget – you need to have your funds and you need to calculate what you call Miscellaneous, but it is not really Miscellaneous is still part of your budget as well.
  4. Patience: Lastly to do business in Nigeria you have to have a massive load of patient you have to be calm, you have to be precise and you have to be assertive when you’re doing business in Nigeria if anyone has had a different experience of doing business in Nigeria pleased l et me know if anyone is looking to do business in Nigeria And needs a bit of little guidance into how to proceed details are below please do contact me.

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