5 Reasons why relationships starts perfect but end badly


5 Reasons why relationships starts perfect but end badly

 People always wonder why relationship starts so well, like something out of a love story, with intense passion and nothing but admiration and attraction to one another, but after a while, it is another story entirely.

Love and friendship end up replaced by quarrels and arguments. This tendency to start well but end badly has caused many relationships to end. The main reason why this happens is because of what couples do at the beginning of the relationship, usually, stop doing it later Here are some of the best examples of what changes in a relationship to make it end badly although it has started as a relationship to the Romeo and Juliet style:

  1. They stop giving priority to their partner

If you observe, when a relationship is new, both will do things to please their partner. The problem is when this charm is lost and the relationship begins to be lost gradually. When one begins to expect the other to show his love, then the relationship slowly dies down like a candle.

  1. They get carried away

This is another reason why charm is lost in a relationship. When the relationship is new, both are always there for the other, but it does not always continue that way. After a while, they let things get between them and most of the time they do it unconsciously It could be children, work, school or whatever.

  1. They do not grow together with the relationship: You can compare a relationship with a newborn baby. When the baby is born, it usually consumes pure milk and water, as it grows, it begins to consume solid and more diverse foods so that it grows. However, in relationships, at first they feed well, but after a while, they no longer give it what the relationship needs and can become bitter.
  1. They stop understanding each other: When the why relationship starts, both try to understand each other, but after a while, they lose sight of this and it can result in fights, arguments and all this drama ends up covering the whole relationship.


  1. Selfishness: Selfishness is the root of what results in one’s infidelity, misunderstandings that lead to fights and arguments and thinking only of oneself.

Selfishness occurs in two ways in relationships and gradually plunges the relationship. For a relationship to be always sweet, selfishness must be far away.

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