Do not look for a permanent contract at the end of your studies … Create your own company! In the absence of experience, students have many ideas … But few of you take action! Business creation is often considered complex, but if you find the right idea and benefit from the many support structures dedicated to student entrepreneurs, it’s easier .

The creation of a company will ultimately allow you to create your job, but this initiative also allows you to put directly into practice what you have 5 STEPS TO CREATE YOUR BUSINESS AS A STUDENTlearned during your years of study: marketing, management, accounting, management, or trades as a florist and hairdresser …

Even with a good idea, starting a business when you are a student is often a difficult business because you lack the experience and a network. Here are our tips to help you build a minimum of experience and to show you that there are many structures to support you.

Start your business during your studies.

Start your business early enough during your studies, at the latest during the last year. Do not wait until you have completed your studies to launch your business: financial aid and structures are at your disposal during your studies to surround you and advise you to start your business during your studies, because once they are completed , helpers are less obvious.

The strength of student entrepreneur status

Your young age and your lack of professional experience must be compensated by the seriousness with which you will prepare your business plan. Indeed, it is often difficult to be credible in the eyes of suppliers, competitors, or bankers when you are young. You must therefore “impress” your interlocutors by your professionalism, your ideas, your will, your energy and your eye, which are your best assets in business creation.
Investors, partners who evaluate the viability of a company, evaluate the economic potential as much as the personality that carries the business.
Discover also the 6 advantages of the new Student Entrepreneur status

Find the right idea and validate a Business Plan

Having a good knowledge of the supply and demand of a market, or knowing how to estimate the turnover, is essential to launch his box, but the idea of ​​departure will make the difference! Before you start you must think, order your ideas, that is to say you ask the right questions at each step, to start writing your business plan.
This document will be very useful when you present your business to your interlocutors: advisors, bankers, investors (parents?), Accountants …
You have no precise idea of ​​activity to create? Many sites offer to guide you in the search for ideas, such as the PACE website www.apce.com. You can also decide to take over an existing business …

Cultivate a good network

Gather advice, meet other young entrepreneurs, discuss your business is essential … Networks of young entrepreneurs can help you in your efforts, such as to build your business plan, know investors, future customers, but also get referrals from better known people, who attest to the seriousness of your business on the market.
Build your network with the help of your professors by discussing with them your business, but also with your former internship managers, or on the internet with specialized sites such as:
The network of young entrepreneurs: www.lance-toi.com
L Young Entrepreneurs Association of Lyon: www.ajel.org
Meetings dedicated to student entrepreneurs of Petit Poucet: www.petitpoucet.fr
Retis, the network that promotes innovation, a meeting place and exchange for young entrepreneurs: www.retis-innovation.fr
Other traditional networks exist such as chambers of trades and crafts or chambers of commerce and industry (depending on the activity chosen), specialized or general trade shows or entrepreneurship competitions to get started or be noticed . This is a golden opportunity to grow your network even if you do not win.

Support structures for business creation: junior companies, entrepreneurship pole …

A very important point to give you the best chance of success: do not stay isolated!
Many organizations are at your disposal to welcome you, and all training institutions are now aware of the help of students in this area.

Benefit from the help of a junior company, or an entrepreneurship pole
The government launched in 2010 a large national “Students Entrepreneurs” plan to develop the number of structures guiding students towards the creation or takeover of such as incubators in schools, junior companies or “entrepreneurship poles”. The grandes écoles offer all of them, and the universities are also starting to help you.
You can benefit from a network of alumni, but also from the help of your teachers who can help you in this process. Many business incubators exist in leading business schools or engineering schools.
To identify entrepreneurship clusters, consult the database of the OPPE (Observatory of Pedagogical Practices in Entrepreneurship), available here: AFE

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The “Youth Information” networkThe Ministry of Youth and Sports, led by the CIDJ (Information and Documentation Center for Youth), provides valuable assistance for your efforts, which can also be financial assistance. These associations welcome and inform young people free of charge on all topics of interest to them and in particular on business creation. More about CIDJ

Local missions Their role is to promote the professional and social integration of young people under 26 years old. In the field of business creation, they welcome and guide young people carrying a business creation or recovery business. Some provide complete accompaniment.
More information on the CNML website

Adie and Pôle emploi launched “CréaJeunes”. This is a set of support for business creation for students aged 18 to 32, coming from sensitive neighborhoods including: flexible training of 1 to 4 months, support by professionals, post-monitoring – 18-month training, business immersion and funding opportunities for the creation and expenses related to the preparation of the business. For more information www.adie.org

Financial aid

Want to take action
This is a ministry program that encourages, supports and values ​​the spirit of initiative of young people between the ages of 11 and 30, their creativity, audacity and talent in all areas, including the creation of Corporate … In short, a program for you!
It includes two devices: “Youth Projects” and “Youth Challenge”. Support takes the form of advice, support and financial assistance ranging from € 2,000 to € 6,000. More information: www.enviedagir.fr

Accre – Help for jobseekers creating or taking over a business This help from the ministry takes the form of a personalized course with the aim of giving you the best chances of success. More’

Nacre (New support for the creation and the takeover of Enterprise)
This device is also subsidized by the ministry. Its amount: € 1,000 to € 10,000. Its duration: 1 to 5 years. More information on www.emploi.gouv.fr/nacre/

Solidarity credits
This is not a help as such. However, micro-credit organizations may be able to facilitate the financing of your business (by granting a small loan), if you have difficulty accessing conventional bank credit … This is a source very interesting financing to know!

There are many competitions. Do not hesitate to participate. In addition to the financial boost they provide, they can especially help you to get noticed …
The national competition for business creation set up by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
The “Innovons ensemble” contest dedicated to students in higher education: www.innovons-ensemble.com
Want to take action – Young people’s challenge for 18-30 year olds: want to take action
Creative creators category AFE ACC : CREACC
“Boss Seeds” Contest organized by M6 and the Senate: boss seeds

The financial boost of family and friends
A donation or equity stake can be a great help in starting a business creation business! This help allows investors to get tax credits: in addition to helping you, they will pay less taxes!

The administrative and legal statutes

The administrative, as the legal and accounting constraints, often represents a brake for the creation of his company. But these tax, accounting and social obligations of the new company are key factors to better live the first months of activity and give a maximum of chances of success in the medium term.
Concerning the statutes, two solutions are available to you:
The classic statutes: SARL, SAS …
If you create a company with several, with a long-term logic, it is the most complex form of company but the more reassuring for all: investors, customers, partners …
The regime of self-entrepreneurship
Or how to create a business in a few clicks from home on the internet without even having to move a centimeter … This status is very simple but requires that you are alone in the adventure and limited in turnover, this which is blocking in the medium term.
The associative status (law 1901)
If your business does not have profit objective … it is possible 🙂 You can create an association – law 1901 – it is enough to be at least two and not to have for aim to enrich you.

You are now equipped with the outline to start your business! Starting a business is a great adventure, which may fail, but in any case you will come out growing with a high value-added experience on your resume.
One last tip: do not quit your studies, always go to class because your CV, especially in France, needs references like diplomas!


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