becoming a nollywood star
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Categorically speaking, transitioning from getting roles in high school drama to becoming a Nollywood star isn’t a week-long metamorphosis process. The elusive nature of success in the entertainment industry has severed many dreams and aspirations – thanks to the industry’s middlemen and gate-keepers.
There’s limited room in the movie industry to accommodate the vast number of rising actors and actresses with stars in their eyes, for this reason, sometimes talent isn’t enough. After reading this article, you will have learnt that there’s a lot more required than being gifted, if you are to become a highly sought-after actor or actress.
Before I elaborately give tips on how to become Nollywood star within a plausible amount of time, let me enlighten you on why you should put in humongous work to make your dream of becoming a Nollywood star a reality.

The Benefits of becoming a Nollywood Star

Becoming a nollywood star
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1.    Political positions: Politicians often grant political appointments to famous movie actors in a bid to enhance validation and support from the entertainer’s fan base. A deal like this is always mouth-watering.
2.    Endorsement Deals: When you attain the enviable heights of fame in Nollywood, companies and brands will be interested in making you their ambassador. These kinds of contracts attract millions, and it is worth sweating for if you ask me.
3.    Fame and Power: Stardom makes you feel better about yourself and heightens your self-esteem. If you work hard and follow the steps I’ll give you, fame and power won’t elude you.
4.     Awards: Awards decorate and entertainer, they add value to your craftsmanship. I see no reason you shouldn’t be willing to give your eye teeth to have them.
5.    Affluence: Depending on the roles they play and track record of hits under their belts, Nollywood actors and actresses make money hand over fist.


1.    Sharpen Your Skills And Technique:  It is okay to start off as a rookie who’s willing to learn and grow. This is the most crucial step in your transitioning process. Your ability to persevere, withstand and eventually surmount the challenges that will bedevil you at this stage is precisely what will keep your career afloat after it kicks off. You might not get paid to do this, but in the long run, you’ll undoubtedly realize it was worth it.

2.    Attend a Movie Acting School: You need to be trained by professionals with experience in the field. You also get to meet and bond with other aspiring actors and actresses vying to shine. Leveraging this connection might be come in handy someday.

3.    Use Social Media: Agents are busy scouting the web for the next big thing. It is pertinent you maintain regularly updated social media accounts and provide an email or phone you can be reached with.

4.     Never stop Auditioning: you don’t always have to get the roles, be prepared to audition frequently. Always be ready to practice different roles; the good, the bad and the ugly. Be regularly doing this, you; become well versed in the art of audition – a skill that might fetch you bigger roles in bigger movies.

5.    Move to Lagos: You have to get closer to the action by all means if you want a piece of it. You are likely to find agents who are willing to help you get you the right deals in the streets of Lagos than your suburbs.

6.    Get regular exercise: it is imperative to win the hearts of fans to soar incredibly in entertainment. Looking fit and healthy is one of the fundamental ways of getting mass appeal from the opposite sex. Hit the gym, shed of a few founds of weight. Build muscles mass and abs as an actor while actresses should emulate Kate Henshaw.

7.    Invest in your career: You need money to gain exposure in the dog-eat-dog industry. It is advisable you sheer from full-time jobs as you may have limited time to rehearse and audition. For Pete’s sake, get a part-time job if you do not have a sponsor.

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