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 Dancing is an activity that helps boost fitness for people of all ages and body types. The benefit of dancing hinges solely on the type of dance. It is believed dancing could be equivalent to an aerobic exercise to a certain degree, and thus, helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, expedites weight loss process, alleviates stress and brings about other benefits commonly associated with physical fitness.


The benefit of dancing is not only physical mental as well, viz:
a.     Enhances the condition of your heart and lungs.
b.    Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness.
c.    Increases aerobic fitness.
d.    Tonnify the muscle.
e.    Fosters weight loss and management.
f.    Aids the formation of stronger bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
g.    Brings about better coordination, agility and flexibility.
h.    Amplifies self-confidence.

Boosting Your Mood: Swing dancing is a form of dancing that enhances your mood. It is usually done with a partner. Swing Dance requires high-energy music, this helps trigger a rush of the mood-elevating hormone oxytocin.

For Strength: Dancing regularly builds immense strength and increases your endurance threshold.

Dance is Entertaining: Nowadays, Dancing is considered admirable to watch. Many dancers have utilized their skills to acquire wealth and fame. Dance TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars are some of the most entertaining reality TV shows on air.

Boost Memory: Dance not only provides physical fitness, but it also makes your ageing process smooth. According to conventional wisdom, dancing may boost your memory and help keep dementia at bay as you grow older. Science reveals that aerobic exercise can reverse volume loss in the part of the brain that controls memory known as the hippocampus. By default, the hippocampus shrinks during old age, which often leads to senility, dementia and impaired memory.

Improve Flexibility: You don’t need to begin Yoga or Pilates to grease your stiff joints. Dancing can be relied on to immensely improve flexibility and lubricate stiff joints and bones in a fun-filled way. Increasing your flexibility will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Diminish Depression: Feeling down in the dumps today? Dancing can help shake off depression and uplift your spirits.

Help Your Heart: Dance is proven to be a therapeutic activity for those at risk of disease.
A research was carried out involving two groups of heart failure patients, the first group of patients was introduced to dancing, and the other group of patients was made to brisk-walk on the treadmill and biked. It was noted that the patients that engaged in dancing experienced a drastic improvement in heart health, breathing, and quality of life compared to those who biked or walked on a treadmill for exercise.

Weight Loss: You don’t need to fill your head with gym catchphrases like “No pain, no gain.” Dancing can help you burn tons of calories enjoyably and entertainingly.

Better Balance: As you get older, it is likely that you’ll lose balance due to weak limbs. The fear of falling tends to increase as you advance in years but don’t fret over it – dancing can save the day.   Dancing demands a lot of fast footwork, good posture, and form. Dancing will help you maintain balance and gain better control of your body.

Types of Dancing exercise for Women


You ought to have a fair knowledge of your body type to perform some of these dance exercises. Kindly click here to read about your body type.
1.    Belly Dancing. 


This is a fun-filled and sexy way of exercising. Belly dancing helps you achieve a flat and toned belly. It is considered to be a superb form of dance exercise.

2.    Yoga dance: 

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A combo of yoga and dance is a terrific way to get entertained and fit at the same way, thanks to the body-mind connection that yoga brings. You might have to beat the bushes to find teachers who can do this but there are videos online and DVDs that can guide to attain the highest peak of fitness through this form of dance fitness.

3.    Pole dancing:

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Pole dancing isn’t as easy as it appears. It engages the core muscles of the legs and hands intermittently as well as giving you the freedom to explore your sexuality. It is not imperative that you perform this dance for an audience. It can be done for fun. Just take one class and see how much strength it requires from your arms, legs, and core and you’ll never question that again!

Summary: There are many ways to approach fitness and health and dancing is one of the few ways that fun and entertainment is incorporated. it is pertinent to note that the benefit of dances goes beyond attracting attention to yourself in the club.

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