Best Business to Start with $100

The Best Business to Start with $100


What’s going on guys,

Today we’re gonna identify the best business that you can start with just a hundred bucks and we’re starting right now.

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Five Different Businesses That You Can Start Today

Ok, so here it goes, five best business that you can start today. But we’re gonna weigh the pros and cons of each one – so that we can best identify which is the best business for you if you only have a hundred bucks in your pocket.

Now all these are businesses that I’ve owned and operated myself so I understand both the pros and cons of each one. As well as what it actually takes to get them started and fully launched also I’m gonna throw in one that I rarely if ever talked about on the channel. So make sure you stay tuned to the end and check them all out.

Now we’re gonna count these down from five to one for effect. But today I’m disqualifying content creation now we all know that content creation is my favorite business model for many many reasons. But I have an entire premium course that teaches you guys how to leverage content, to make money on autopilot, essentially and for that reason I’m not gonna promote it today and we’re just gonna completely disqualify it from the rhyme.

So then what’s the best business that you can start today with just a hundred bucks well coming in at number five is:

  1. Amazon private labelling: Now we all know that I love Amazon private labelling – it’s a phenomenal business model it’s one that I suggest across the board to many entrepreneurs and I have four for Amazon profitable products right now that are private labelled. But the reality is you’re gonna need a little bit more than just a hundred bucks to get started.

I would suggest roughly about 500 to 1500 to initially get into your first order of inventory comfortably. So with just a hundred bucks that’s not gonna cut it, now coming in at number four on the list is another popular one and that’s:

  1. Drop Shipping With Shopify: Now don’t get me wrong, drop shipping is a phenomenal business model you don’t need that much money to start, you don’t need to purchase initial image before you even get paid for that specific sale.

So then that begs the question, why is it only number four? Well, put simply – you’re going to need to spend money on ads and it doesn’t matter if you’re going the Facebook group, the Google AdWords route, the Instagram or whatever it is – it doesn’t matter. Chances are you’re going to need to spend more than a hundred bucks to really get a legitimate ROI and kind of figure things out.

Furthermore, you usually have to pay for your Shopify drop shipping site too, so that’s out now if you do want to learn Shopify drop shipping – you can check the description below and grab my Shopify drop shipping course along with my amazon drop shipping course 100% free now. Shopify also hooked you guys up with a month free trial if you go through the course.

 All right coming in at number three is:

  1. Consulting or tutoring: And this is a new one that I rarely talk about so why do I want both of these together? Well, they’re both essentially about developing a skill or leveraging what you’re already good at. So, to give you an example; if you understand search engine optimization really well, that’s a skill that companies will pay for. If maybe you understand writing really well, you can sell that in chunks of time to bloggers or maybe other writers there’s literally an endless amount of skills that you can sell consulting for.

To give you another example, you could try tutoring you know same but different. Now, when I say tutoring and you hear the words tutoring you probably think of tutoring subjects like math or science and you can definitely do that. I actually did tutor math about two years ago, but I also tutored really cool subjects like soccer, baseball and poker. Pretty cool, right? The point is, develop a skill or leverage something that you’re already good at then sell that expertise in chunks of time.

All right getting close now coming in at number two is:

  1. Arbitrage: Arbitrage is a great way to make money right now with almost no initial money needed; and there are many ways to do arbitrage but currently my favorite is online arbitrage through Amazon. Now yes arbitrage does cost money initially to get into it but it’s still ahead of consulting and tutoring for the reason that it’s easier in my opinion to scale up.

And you can make a lot more money faster with arbitrage then you necessarily can with consulting, because you do have to go out and find clients for that and with arbitrage you can definitely make money quickly if you know what you’re doing. So for example if you had that hundred bucks that we talked about – you could turn that hundred bucks into about five hundred bucks if you know what you’re doing within a week or two honestly and then you could turn that five hundred bucks into maybe two grand in another week or two. It’s literally that simple and you’ll exponentially start to see your money increase over time if you’re implementing things right, and you’re buying the correct items with Arbitrage.

It’s all about the return on investment and you can make a lot of that return on your investment; the more money that you put in the more money that you get out and it’s literally that simple. You can make a lot doing it and I still do it to this day finally coming in at number one and the best business to start if you only have 100 bucks in your pocket is starting your own agency just like consulting or tutoring. For example you can start your own agency with absolutely zero money down doesn’t take anything to start ; and just like them you’ll also be leveraging something that you’re already good at most of the time and selling a skill.

The reality is, if you have a skill or something of value that companies need, they will pay you for it. Now you might be saying, oh Brian it’s easy to say that but you don’t understand how hard it is to go out and sign clients – but I do, I actually do. I did social media marketing for a little while and I still teach people to run successful social media marketing agencies today and I get it; it can be difficult.

But like I always say, you either have one of two currencies you either have time or you have money and with a hundred bucks in your pocket, let’s be honest you don’t have a lot of money so you probably have a lot of time so the answer is to go out there and get through the nose so that you can get to the yeses. And you don’t just have to focus on social media marketing to use search engine optimization, like we talked about before you can start your own SEO agency. If that’s what you’re good at, If you’re good at growing Instagram pages for example, start an Instagram agency if you’re good at running Facebook ads or Google AdWords – guess what, you can start your own ad agency.

Like I said with number three you’re either going to develop a valuable skill or a leverages skill that you already have, then identify companies that need that skill and go out and try to sign them.

 I can tell you I don’t have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

All right guys, so I hope that that answered the question of what the best business to start if you only have a hundred bucks in your pocket today. Now I have courses on all of these there will be linked in the description for $10 discount links.

If you any of these spoke to you and you want to check them out like I said check the description below, and if you feel like I provided enough value today to go ahead and warrant all like then please hit that like button and let me know I’m on the right track also drop a comment down below and let me know if you have experiences with any of these businesses specifically and if so is it positive or negative and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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