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16 ways for creative college students to make money on the side.

Tip #1: Start a YouTube channel: Many students earn money through YouTube, You can share your knowledge or insight with humor and creativity – and earn yourself some cash.

Tip #2: Sell on Amazon: If you have a lot of stuff that you don’t use – such as old books or devices try selling them on Amazon.

 Tip #3: Blog: You can write about college life, travel, fashion, and so much more. If your blog gets big, brands might reach out to you for paid collaborations.

Tip #4: Scan groceries: The National Consumer panel pays people to scan barcodes of the products they buy using their app. You will be helping retailers improve what they sell and in return, you will receive points that you can convert into cash.

Tip #5: Fill out online surveys: Many sites are ready to pay for your time and opinions.

Examples: Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost, and QuickThoughts App.

 Tip #6: Become a virtual assistant: You can help people with online research, running their sites and/or social media accounts, managing their calendars, and so much more.

Tip #7: Sell your video game account: If you have video games accounts with certain progress and privileges, You can sell them on websites like Player Auctions.

An account with the latest gear and achievements may be worth around $1,000

Tip #8: Become a student tutor or a translator: If you excel at a particular subject, you can help your peers and make money by becoming a tutor. On average, student tutors are paid $20 – $40 per session. If you speak a foreign language, you can translate text and documents or verbally assist someone who’s speaking with a foreigner

Tip #9: Sell your old clothes: Many clothing stores will pay for used clothes, so look for them in your area and find out what they’re willing to pay for your clothes.

Tip #10: Try mystery shopping: This is a job that pays you to visit businesses anonymously and check the quality of services they provide. If you love to shop, you should definitely try mystery shopping as it pays for what you love to do anyway.

Tip #11: Sell stock photos: If you have a large collection of photos, you can sell them on the internet as stock photos. The price for one photo varies from $1 to $10, and depends on the quality and the site.

Tip #12: Sell your own textbooks: When you are done with a semester, sell your textbooks to fellow students who need them.

Tip #13: Create a smartphone app: If you know how to code, you can create an app for iOS or Android and sell it on the App Store or Google Play

Tip #14: Post flyers on campus bulletin boards: Students can make money doing virtual “gigs” for something they’re good at or by posting flyers for advertisers Check out fiverrcom if your college has bulletin boards that you are allowed to post on.

Tip #15: Be a tour guide :This option works very well for students who live in “touristy” areas Set up your tour services and find people who are willing to pay to learn about your hometown

Trip #16: Try street performance: Some street performers can earn several hundred dollars a day singing, painting, or doing other artistic stuff So why not try it if you have a talent to share?


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