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My family woman, I love this fat Because collagen is contained.

That’s true Yes, it’s collagen! today Welcome to Recipe Videos today! Today is a special guest! This is Jerome today Thank you for coming today

You are welcome I met for the first time around this time last year Jerome and her sister came to meat up in Tokyo You live in Tokyo right now, are not you? Yes, now it is I came from New York Is it true? It’s NYC.

I went to New York last December is that so It was very cold December January is not very good I was about to die It was cold and snowy.

I picked up today, It is for teaching the Philippine traditional dish I will make an advocate It is an advo with both pigs and chickens I love Adobo I think I am very lucky today.

It might be a bit too much of expectation. Absolutely delicious! Let’s get started! OK Let’s start with pork. This pork is About 500 grams OK, this is about 500 g of pork belly Adobo has many things Basic Tagalog version, Tagalog Version Each region has its own advo Besides, it will be different at home I see My mother put boiled eggs in potatoes is that so.

It is often pork with pork This is good It is good to have lots of grease As I will boil this later, If it is only lean, it becomes passionate, I see.

It cuts pork bite-sized. It takes time that it is big So I will make it smaller. It can be as big as 30 minutes or some time I will cut it squarely I did not know that Adobo had many things

funny story It looks like a Japanese meat and a shrimp Yeah The recipe of the meat and the pot is also in our videos. There are different things at each house.

I think that it is such feeling I always make pigs and chicken pork adobos every time, Some people use seafood is that so I do not know that.

Some people say only vegetables is that so I have never heard of vegetable advo. It is very interesting. Speaking of vegetable advo, will it be a vegetarian dish? Well, no animal system at all.

Is that so? I wonder if I use sprinkling soy sauce or something? I want to try making it once. I have eaten Philippine cuisine only about 3 times, I can not believe it, I was in Hawaii, did not he? Yes, I went for a date in Hawaii with Filipino people I just finished it. That was my first Filipino cuisine. But as I said earlier, It is difficult to find Philippine cuisine in Japan. There are several restaurants, It is a bit far from the city.

It is noisy Noisy? karaoke? Everyone is crazy about karaoke It is noisy when eating Pork is ok Let’s also cut chicken all right.

This is also about 500 g of chicken Chicken thigh It is about the same amount as a pig Yes, roughly, chicken and pork are using the same amount I see What is Tagalog version’s feature? Tagalog version, put potatoes and eggs

I can not put eggs also potato Because, Partners do not like it That he does not eat? is that so I only eat meat.

I gave it up putting vegetables in it I did not know that to put vegetables I learned something new, Learning about food is fun.

Recently, I am interested in Philippine cuisine. While I am in Hawaii, there are lots of Philippine cuisine, But it will be difficult if it becomes delicious. For chicken, I keep leather on, It is a peach or a mune, I think that one piece is attached, one piece is taken.

I have a lot of grease there I think the leather adds a flavor Even fried chicken, skin is my favorite place I am also there Everyone in my family.

My mother eats yakitori only I see I do not like it It is good that the skin becomes crunchy, Me too.

Karen, are you seeing? Jerome cooks me I finished cutting chicken and pork It is an onion Next onion It is 1/4 good The remaining 1/4 is used for another recipe.

I will make this chopped. To cut easily, first cut sideways It is necessary to break sorry This is okay It will expire.

My stuff is a little big It looks like this; Another big onion, once more Cut it down, It is not all, leaving behind Put 2 to 3 slits next to it, then turn it vertically Cut down from top to bottom And cut off from the top again It’s like this.

That’s easy; This is early It is not necessary to cry tears We are always crying With this, okay.

You can cut it even smaller; This is exactly right for me You used onion 1/4 Garlic, you can put it all round, Even garlic powder Garlic improves the flavour.

I agree with you; There are also garlic powder, It has quite a different taste That’s true It is good for garlic bread etc That’s right

I use genuine garlic for cooking; You are going to choke this I wonder if it is 2 garlic today? so Two things The first step is to cut meat, Then onions and garlic, And put the whole in a pot

You do not have to pull oil Pork is already greasy I do not need any more I will put this in the rest Medium heat? Medium high heat? Medium fires OK First of all, I cook pork with medium heat.

Wait until the pot gets hot Bake little by little It is about half Until we have a grill of colors Burn all sides.

The meat juice will come out And do not wash the pot with that fat, Keep using it as it is Onion and garlic I drank sour soup in the Philippines Is it Sinigan? Is that vinegar? Or citrus? It is a citrus flavour.

Such a color Can you see it? I will bake all sides in the same way Take it out once, Bake the rest of the meat Bake all sides first like this and bake meat broth And with the fat that comes out, I will also bake other meat and vegetables That’s awesome Pork, good smell.

I love the smell of this meat, do not you? Me too The meat juice came out in the pot I have a flavor I would like to eat it with sprinkling salt on it That’s good.

The other is rice If it gets crisp it is also for beer Yeah Satoshi is pleased Please give me onion I will add this.

If there is not enough grease, you may put some oil Lightly stir – fry it It will be a little soft Two minutes or something like that Garlic is also gone.

All in all? OK I can put in two garlic Stir – fry it, It smells good The onion and the fragrance of garlic are not accumulated Whatever dish you put this in, delicious Salt is picked up Because you put soy sauce, a little better.

And pepper, 1 tablespoon I will add a lot We use a lot I’d like some chili This one or two teaspoon I’ll put them all in If you are not good at pain, Do not you have chili pepper? I like this because I like it.

I will flavor a little But many people do not notice I can see but I do not feel it Return the pork to the pot And I also put chicken together.

Mix roughly and mix well with the vegetables at the bottom I will finish it all by one pot I love you, I say so My favorite pattern dish It’s fun to cook, but after all it’s done.

It sounds like a nightmare, is not it clean up? Put the bowl in this 2 to 3 sheets If it’s big, with two pieces This is medium, so put three pieces Then, liquids From soy sauce 120 ml soy sauce Use soy sauce and vinegar only the same amount.

I do not know if it is only the Philippines, It is said that if you put in vinegar do not touch meat is that so why? If you touch it will change the flavor So as it is Put water until it covers meat

It gets softer only this Lid it, Just wait surprised About 30 minutes? so When you put in vinegar, Do not touch meat.

The fragrance is wonderful The smell of vinegar is good And pepper Please adjust the pepper according to your preference I have plenty of vinegar and pepper.

I hope you like it, though Put this on top of white rice Very simple cuisine Even if you get tired and come home, It can be done easily. This sauce looks delicious.

Sauce to the sauce Juicy pork right? Also chicken Shall I lay it here? Advobo told me that the next day is more delicious I like the one the next day when the taste dyed If I want to eat it the next day, will I put it in the refrigerator? I put it in the refrigerator. But it’s definitely not From a hygiene point of view, it is a refrigerator.

When put in the refrigerator, A layer of grease is formed on the surface You can take it Easier to take I see Women of my family, Because collagen comes out, I like this fat, do not you think? That’s right, that’s right

Yes, it’s collagen It looks delicious Because I like meat, I will make more Another piece of pork! I want to eat more I have meat in rice, meat in rice, and a lot

I understand it It seems to be oh! This is chicken & pork adobos! today Today was a photographer Thank you.

Mr Jerome, thank you very much! Delicious Philippine cuisine! The fragrance is wonderful! Well, let’s all eat together First of all, I got pork Well, I am a chicken I like pigs.

It is pork I also like pork Meat is soft Chicken too! This flavor! Garlic to pepper! Vinegar’s sourness, I like this sour taste. It fits this chicken and pigs well.

I think that even rice alone is delicious My father did well If you fry this pork, As a crisp, it is good for beer Let’s do next I absolutely love Japanese people, is not it.

If this is served at a restaurant Why are there no Philippine restaurants in Japan? Because Filipino cuisine looks very simple It is not gorgeous That’s right but it’s delicious I think this is a really delicious dish.

This family taste It’s a very heartfelt dish One pot, easy to clean up With this, Rumpia who he will make next, I think that it will surely be a perfect Philippine meal How was your cooking today? Let me hear your thoughts.

And, please also look at the recipe for the next Philippine cuisine! Well then again next time! goodbye.

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