Choosing the right pet for your family


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Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend as the saying goes. Choosing the right pet for your family is never achieved without thorough consideration. Members of a given family should agree on which pet they can live and put up with. Let’s say, the masculine wing of the family is requesting for a bulldog or a Rottweiler, but some other members of the family would feel more secure and comfortable with a cat or a bird.

Pets are meant to be loved and cared for just as a member of the family. Owing to this, it is pertinent to note that choosing a pet that a member of the family isn’t fond of or is allergic to might result in poor treatment and pet abuse.

To be on the safe side of things, it is crucial to peruse this insightful article which will be of tremendous help while choosing the right pet for your family.


  1. Companionship: Pets can provide a measure of companionship and are capable of fostering camaraderie in families. They play with kids, keep them engrossed and entertained.
  2. Health benefits: Studies and research have proven that petting a dog and stroking a cat can decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, which lowers overall stress. Not to mention, kids who grow up in a household with a pet are unlikely of developing asthma and allergies.
  3. Unconditional Love: Your pet is bound to love you regardless of what you look like, who you are or what you are going through.



Choosing a pet means accepting the responsibility of a living thing whose survival will rely solely on you. The fact that they are animals doesn’t mean they deserve less care, attention, and love. You also shoulder the responsibility of your pet’s influence on your home and community.

Owning a pet becomes a thrilling experience if you fathom how the pet will fit into your lifestyle. Choosing the wrong pet will bring about a devastating experience to your family, friends, and community.

When choosing the right pet for your family, consider the following:

  1. Compatibility with already existing pets: Do you already have pets? If yes, be aware that accommodating two pets of different species and kinds could sometimes lead to severe hostility between both pets. You need to figure out if the current pet will embrace another pet of the same or different species? Contact your veterinarian if you are not so sure of this.


  1. What do you want from a pet?: Some pets could be a defensive shield, jogging mate, lap warmer or a source of beauty. Understanding the different roles deferring pets play will be ideal when choosing the right pet for your family.  


  1. Do you have kids?: Some pets tend to be overly active in the night thus reducing the time spent with the kids. On the other hand, some kids are allergic to and afraid of certain pets. Having this in mind will aid you to choose the right pet.


  1. Pets love getting attention: if you are a single person with a job that demands that you travel for weeks or months, then getting a pet should be overlooked. Owning a pet requires long-term commitment and dedication without neglecting your responsibility of ensuring that they get the best treatment available.


  1. The cost of caring for your pet: Some pets demand special needs such as nutrition, housing, and healthcare. Can you afford regular services of a vet doctor to ensure your pet stays healthy, vaccinated and kept immune to parasites? Some species or breeds of pets need to shower and get fed regularly; you could either shoulder the onus of doing this are you hire somebody to take care of your pet.
Pets love attention. Image origin:goodnet
  1. Unforeseeable circumstances: Considering the likelihood of being on the brink of moving out of a bigger house to a one-roomed apartment in a suburb because you lost a high paying job or traveling overseas. Such factors can bring an end to your pet-owning experience.


Pets might be the best thing to happen to mankind since sliced bread but the experience of living with the wrong one can be extremely unpleasant and awful. Choosing the right pet is like choosing a friend, you need to weigh options as to how the pet will fit into the family.

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