Common reasons why couples divorce


It beggars belief why couples divorce. The wedding day was a red letter day, and the honeymoon was ostensibly momentous; the blissful union of two lovers who just swore an oath to be together till death does them part.

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Few years into the marriage, reality started to dawn on the newly-weds; they frequently argue, fight, communicate sparingly, forget to make love, kiss and make up only to repeat the cycle. This storm continues to brew for a lengthy period, thus, resulting in a divorce.
Besides the accompanying stigma divorcees face; divorce typifies wasted years of courtship, time and effort. Nobody in a stable mind would wish to go through a divorce, for this reason, I chose to provide enlightenment on the common reasons why couples divorce. Also read 7 things people learn from getting married here.


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Why couples divorce stems on a slew of reasons discussed below:
Lack of preparation for marriage: Studies have proven that spouses in their twenties have the highest divorce rates. This is primarily due to lack of adequate preparation for marriage. Marry in a hurry, repent at leisure, or as the saying goes. This is the second most common reason why couples divorce.
Infidelity: Partners tend to cheat at some point during marriage for reasons such as difference in sexual appetite, decreasing emotional intimacy, anger, resentment and innate promiscuity. Having an extra-marital affair is undoubtedly a common reason why couples divorce.
Overweight: You are likely going to have trouble making love to an overweight spouse. Divorces also occur when one partner finds the other uninviting and unattractive both in public and behind closed doors.
Excessive arguments: Couples that argue too much and verbally abuse each other are walking the tightrope of divorce. In marriage, arguments happen, but when this is done habitually, it opens the door for divorce to creep in. Arguments occur when a partner feels underappreciated, left in the cold or not getting enough attention.
Marrying for the wrong reason: Love ought to be the sole and only reason two people should tie the knot, but that’s not always the case. These days people get married for money, power, fame, respect and sexual desires. Sooner, what attracted you to get married might dissipate into thin air, and at the point, such a marriage gets irreparably broken because of its false foundation. Whatever you do, don’t get into marriage to satisfy selfish desires at all.
Zero Intimacy: Allowing intimacy to wane in marriage is disastrous as it can quickly ruin a marriage. At this point, couples start to live like roommates instead of spouses due to lack of physical and emotional intimacy. Acts of kindness should be adopted to salvage this situation as it has wrecked many marital homes.
Sexual needs: I would be making a noticeable oversight if I’d failed to add this to the list of common reasons why couples divorce. Failure to meet up to your partner’s sexual needs may deal a fatal blow to your marriage. There is a possibility for this to remain undetected while undergoing courtship as some partners only lose verve to make love midway through the union.
Regular communication: Communication is the fuel of relationships, without it, relationships will scarcely work. Seek interesting topics to talk about because talking about the same thing in the same manner regularly will be monotonous and boring.
Self-Discipline: Ability to shrug off the desire to cheat isn’t a piece of cake but can be achieved through self-discipline. Always remind yourself that as a married individual – your partner is the only rightful recipient of your sexual life.
Self-discipline also stretches to the ability to control anger and your reaction to it.
Express Love: There’s nothing wrong with making a habit of expressing how much you love and admire your spouse in words or action. If it makes your spouse feel any better, shout it from the rooftops.
Make time for your family: Don’t let the nature of your job deprive you of time for your attention-seeking family.
Be an open book: Keeping your spouse in the dark about your struggles and endeavors won’t help your relationship survive the night unless you are doing something particularly shady. Allow your spouse to have an insight into your life and vice versa.
Tolerate: This quality should be ingrained in couples long before getting married as this quality can build or break a home.

Bottom Line
Marriage isn’t easy. I’ve seen couples with the best intentions struggle to surmount their challenges and end up in courts seeking dissolution of marriage. That’s why it’s crucial to fight tooth and nail to mend fences in your relationship before it is too late. Practice kindness, make intimacy a priority, go on holidays and seek marriage counseling to enhance the longevity of your marriage. I guess my article on the common reasons why couples divorce will help you navigate your marriage to the right direction.

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