Translator: Camille Martínez Reviewer: Robert Tucker Hi everyone, my name is Tyleen Cisneros, and I have a couple of friends that are always in a relationship. And I have a couple that are barely ever in a relationship, but when any of them are out single, they always tell me, “Oh, I hate being single,” or “I need a boyfriend or girlfriend,” etc

  1. To feel safe
  2. To feel complete
  3. To keep boredom at bay
  4. By natural inclination

But one thing that they never tell me is why, Why do you feel like you need a relationship to be happy? I know it’s kind of stupid, but I always wondered why, and so I wanted to find out – And so what I did is, I did some research, And what I found was a bunch of different opinions from a bunch of different people. One of the opinions I found on huffingtonpost

com was: “I want someone to love me and make me feel special” From the same website, there was: “I don’t want to be lonely anymore, and I want to feel safe” I’ve asked people this question before, and I’ve gotten these answers, but one thing I just don’t understand is how being in a relationship will make you feel more safe – unless they won’t, like, let you talk to anybody or something, but if that’s the case, it’s probably not the healthiest relationship, and you should probably do something about it. Next thing I did to gain more evidence was I did three interviews. I interviewed three of my family members, and the first was my Aunt Kelly.

I asked her, “Why do you think people feel like they need a relationship to be happy?” She answered, “I think, as humans, we need a relationship to be happy, but it doesn’t always have to be a spousal relationship” I’ve never gotten this answer before, and it made me look from a different point of view, and I liked it. The next person I interviewed was my sister, Shana. I asked her the question, and she answered, “I think it’s because they can’t find happiness within themselves, and I don’t think a relationship can be successful, unless you can find happiness within yourself, without relying on others” And again, that’s another point of view that I’ve never seen before, and I liked it; it was very understandable.

The last person I interviewed was my sister, Ashley She said, “I don’t necessarily think we need a relationship to be happy, but having someone that makes you happy is a whole different thing. You can be in a relationship with anyone, but it doesn’t always mean you need a relationship to be happy” All three family members had a different point of view, and they were all very enlightening. After all this evidence I found and research I gathered, I asked myself the question, and my answer was, “Single” doesn’t always mean “lonely,” and “relationship” doesn’t always mean “happy.

” Thank you (Applause)

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