Hello Morocco! This is Ryan from ‘Maroc Treasure’ with some “Weekend Wisdom” for you as I welcome to our series on money where we’re gonna help you get on the pathway to wealth.

You ready? Let’s do it. What’s up Morocco?

I’m coming to you from the airport to introduce Episode number 11 – Enough is Enough; Believe it or not, you can reach a point where more money will actually decrease your happiness in life, decrease your fulfilment. I’m going to show a chart here that compares your fulfillment against the amount of money you have, and it helps explain what that can look like, Check it out.

The fulfillment curve illustrates that as our wealth or as our income grows, our satisfaction or fulfillment can also grow, but only to a certain degree. Now think about it – if you’re cold and you’re shivering and you all of a sudden earned enough money to buy yourself a coat, it’ll make a huge difference in your satisfaction. But if you already own three coats and then you buy a fourth, it’s gonna make very little difference in your fulfillment and in your happiness.

 Eventually, it can even reach a point where increasing your wealth, increasing your income can actually decrease your happiness or decrease your fulfillment in life; because it’s adding clutter, it’s adding complexity and it’s adding hassle – both in your day to day life and in your relationships. Rich people can testify to the fact that many of them were happier when they had less, when their life, when their relationships were much simpler.

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Money should never be number one in our lives – it’s not the source of happiness or the source of fulfillment – it’s just a tool that we use to achieve our goals and to accomplish our purpose on this earth. If you chase money, you’ll always want more – it’s like drinking salt water it’ll never quench your thirst, it’ll just leave you desiring more and more, so don’t make money the objective or the idol in your life.

Find your purpose and your fulfillment in other things. That was this week’s “Money Minute” – make sure you share it with your friends Think about it – if you don’t help them get rich, then you’ll always be paying for them.

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